“Zayn Malik is on a dating app?” “: Fans have a million questions as viral video pops up

In the quest to meet new people, it is not uncommon for people to turn to online dating apps in today’s era. Now it looks like even British pop star Zayn Malik has signed up for a month as well. after breaking up with the beautiful Gigi Hadid.

In a video that has gone viral, the profile of a bearded name named Zed has taken social media by storm. The man bears a strong resemblance to the former One Direction member. Although Malik has yet to comment, netizens couldn’t ignore the eerie resemblance to the man seen in the profile.

According to The sun, Malik’s profile was spotted on a taller dating site that promises to match users with ‘tall, beautiful women’. The report states that the app uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of users and a snippet of the ‘Pillow talk’ singer participating in a facial recognition challenge has been leaked online.

However, as soon as the video began to circulate on various social media sites, fans of the 28-year-old singers were quick to urge users to remove the video, arguing that the content “invades his privacy.”

Many fans, however, backed his decision and said he deserved to find love and asked netizens to “leave him alone.” Some even thought it was hard to believe a celebrity of his stature would be on a dating app, questioning the authenticity of the viral video.

While reports that Malik joined a plus size dating app created a huge buzz online, his 2016 interview with Billboard also began to resurface. At the time, speaking to the magazine, he mentioned liking “fuller women,” saying, “I like girls who are a bit fat in certain areas – beautiful neighborhoods. I like a fuller woman.

Malik, who had been in a on-off relationship with the model for six years and have a daughter together, broke up last year after an altercation with her mother Yolanda. He made headlines after it was alleged he assaulted Hadid’s mother and made the announcement not to “Contest the request” for the sake of his daughter.

The singer has also dated model Neelam Gill and Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards previously.

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