You Can Get This Iconic Pop Culture Crossover RPG For 50% Off Right Now


One of my earliest childhood memories doesn’t show family, friends, or any kind of garden – while watching TV, I remember seeing an advertisement for the first time. Kingdom Hearts and hear the unforgettable banger who accompanied him, Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru. Since the release of this ad, Square Enix would release two more iterations of the action-adventure game and expand the reach of the pop culture world it interacted with.

Right now, Gamestop is running a promotion on the all-in-one edition of the game, which includes all Kingdom Hearts titles released so far and additional DLC content for each game. Initially $ 39.99, you can pick up what is essentially the luxury version of the franchise for $ 19.99.

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While it’s not clear when this sale ends, you’ll probably want to act now before it runs out. Another thing to keep in mind is that this package is exclusively for Playstation. The deal is worth it to enjoy hours of hack-and-slash play in rugged, insane versions of various Disney IPs.

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