WWE SmackDown Backstage Atmosphere, Vince McMahon’s Mood

As reported, Vince McMahon resigned as WWE Chairman and CEO this week after allegations of an affair he had with a former employee.

It was claimed that Vince increased the individual’s salary for the duration of the misconduct and then later provided him with silent payments in an attempt to calm the situation. The investigation reportedly uncovered other nondisclosure agreements from former WWE employees, alleging misconduct not only by McMahon, but also by Talent Relations Manager John Laurinaitis.

Fighting selection reported more backstage reactions from Vince McMahon who kicked off last night’s episode of WWE’s “SmackDown.” You can read the latest behind-the-scenes reactions at this link here.

A SmackDown talent told Fightful that he expected a “hectic day”, although the show was much more relaxed than usual when it started. Vince “didn’t sell” the fact that he was under investigation and was particularly jovial.

Vince was said to be very active on Friday more than usual, and a longtime staffer told Fightful they thought that was how McMahon established he was still running the show.

As noted, Stephanie McMahon is taking over as interim WWE President and CEO as her father steps down. Vince will continue to influence creative decisions and attend shows with the company.

Investigations are still ongoing at this time.

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