With and for GenZ; Viral Fission talks about enriching experiences

Viral fission
Co-founder and COO Rishab Shetty talks about empowering brand interactions and experiences.

1. With the back-to-school phenomenon in motion, how does Viral Fission plan to improve experiences and grow its 20,000+ strong GenZ network?

After a long and harsh pandemic, we are now seeing more and more young people returning to schools and colleges. The resurgence of the phenomenon of returning to school has opened the doors to many opportunities in the life of an individual to flourish and succeed.

At Viral Fission, we focus on students, giving them the opportunity to work with well-known brands, network in the industry, and show them what the world of work is like. Internships with Viral Fission give Gen Zers the chance to showcase their creativity and gain a better understanding of the industry while having fun doing the same. We help individuals to develop their professional network and expose young people to different areas of work in a professional field. The most vital part of an internship, in my opinion, is integrating a student into a new world of work and profession, where a skilled manager can introduce them to the unique cultures and tasks of being a professional.

We believe in fostering communities and creating community experiences to nurture and nurture the next generation. We have programs and IPs planned, such as Runway – a startup competition where experts help students realize their ideas, providing advice and support on this. We also have cash prizes for the contest.

Recently, we launched Free Hit – A one-of-a-kind cricket league, with the aim of engaging the dynamic GenZ cohort this IPL season and other inter-college competitions. The purpose of these IP addresses is to keep people engaged to establish a good network. Over the past 24 months, the platform has launched, expanded and monetized a range of these IPs to its customers. We want to elevate our brand’s relationship with the young community in a more effective, creative and dynamic way.

2. Tell us about Studio TBH, the content arm of Viral Fission? How did he catapult the company’s growth?

Our vision of Viral Fission TBH emerged in 2020. He is well known for creating humorous, wholesome and relevant content for Indian youth. We have worked with artists such as Viraj Ghelani, Rahul Subramanian and Rannvijay Singha. Our mission is to experiment, create, produce and explore new genres while collaborating with some of the internet’s most popular creators to build a vast collection.

It’s about creating a content platform that works to improve its storytelling capabilities to entertain and engage young people. TBH is an excellent platform allowing young people to confront real situations. For this effort, we have partnered with Mumbai Indians to provide them with wholesome and interactive elements during IPL season matches. It’s very exciting to put our content ideas into action for young people to connect with the brand.

3. How does Viral Fission change experiences and meet the needs of GenZ who entered the workspace?

The GenZ community is the heart of Viral Fission because it helps us achieve the desired results. At Viral Fission, we focus our efforts on expanding the experiences and skills of Indian Gen Z where we partner with brands to do so in unique and creative ways that also solves otherwise complex marketing problems for them. Since GenZ members are a very important part of the network, we ensure that there is no alienation in the system. We keep them engaged with activities like VF Turf and Parallel Universe so they can focus on after-work fun. Throughout this long-term journey with us, we have provided our Ambassadors with additional value through our development workshops, job opportunities, their first professional network outside of academia, and even offline experiences. . Community participation has increased as young adults actively engage and take advantage of opportunities that bring value to them.

At Viral Fission, we value the interests of all of our students and intend to help GenZ’ers grow and develop their skills while being associated with great brands.

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