Why Sonic The Hedgehog 3 is right to use one of the most hated games

Although Shadow the Hedgehog had some maturity and control issues, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was able to adapt the best parts of its story and characters.

Although many critics have criticized the shadow the hedgehog video game, sonic the hedgehog 3 offers the perfect opportunity to adapt certain elements of the game to the film. Since the start of the sonic the hedgehog live-action movie franchise, the Sonic the films received largely positive reviews. Specifically, the films earned praise for their acting, humor, action sequences, and incorporation of video game elements. Moreover, the Sonic the films performed well at the box office, earning a combined $705.2 million in theaters and making sonic the hedgehog 2 the highest-grossing film based on a video game in the United States.


Building on this success, sonic the hedgehog 2 has already set up sonic the hedgehog 3. During sonic the hedgehog 2 mid-credits scene, GUN Commander Sam Walters found an old government file, which revealed that Project Shadow still existed in a previously hidden location. Project Shadow turned out to be Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic’s in-game rival, who was confined to a secret research lab. When asked about sonic the hedgehog 3writer Josh Miller explained that Shadow would be a key part of the sonic the hedgehog movies move on. In particular, Miller reportedly “likes to incorporate elements of… Shadow the Hedgehog” in sonic the hedgehog 3.

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While viewers were thrilled to see Shadow in sonic the hedgehog 2the idea of ​​using aspects of shadow the hedgehog in sonic the hedgehog 3 may appeal to some audiences. Whereas shadow the hedgehog was Shadow’s first standalone game, it received negative reviews for its mature themes and storyline, greater violence, and difficult controls. However, none of these factors should create problems for sonic the hedgehog 3allowing the Sonic threequel to incorporate the best elements of the shadow the hedgehog Game.

The first reason shadow the hedgehog the criticism it received was its surprisingly mature story and gameplay. Unlike other video games Sonic franchise, Shadow fought with guns even though he could have used his powers. In addition, shadow the hedgehog surprised players by including swear words. The game’s storyline was also dark, involving an invading alien race called the Black Arms who wanted to harvest humans as a source of energy. However, sonic the hedgehog 3 would not have to include any of these elements. Since Sonic the movies are known for their pop culture references, Sonic 3 could easily be laughed at Shadow the hedgehog angry nature. In this way, sonic the hedgehog 3 could incorporate aspects of Shadow the hedgehog plot and character development – and acknowledging their source of inspiration – without getting too dark.

Also, many reviewers didn’t like shadow the hedgehog due to the difficulty in using the in-game controls. While players enjoyed playing as Shadow, the controls were known to be overly sensitive. Even small player movements would cause Shadow to run or spin quickly, making it easier to crush objects or enemies. However, since the movies don’t require players to control characters, this instability wouldn’t factor into sonic the hedgehog 3. Although the shadow the hedgehog the video game had issues with its maturity level and controls, sonic the hedgehog 3 could adapt the best aspects of Shadow’s story and character growth without including any of those pitfalls.

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