Why Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game


Weaker Sonic games tend to retain similar flaws. Sonic ’06 could be the worst, in large part because of the stain he left on the franchise’s reputation.

The Sonic the hedgehog The franchise turns 30 this year. Sega’s historic franchise has had some notable titles over the course of its long life, including classics like Sonic the hedgehog 2 and Sound adventure, as well as the fantastic Sonic Mania in 2017. Sega even had the chance to remind fans of one of Sonic’s strengths with his latest remaster, Ultimate sonic colors. The franchise also continues to experience multimedia success, with the 2020 success. Sonic the hedgehog film receiving an upcoming sequel that even casts Idris Elba as Knuckles.

Despite the franchise’s success, Sonic has had more than his fair share of slowdowns. Critically hated titles like Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis on Game Boy Advance and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, the fast blue hedgehog seems to have as many hiccups as it does hits these days. The worst of the worst, however, can still be Sonic the hedgehog 2006, often called Sonic ’06. The celebration of the 15th anniversary of the blue hedgehog, Sonic ’06 lives in infamy as a game that has been hated by critics and fans alike. Fans will always wonder if the game is worse than Sonic Genesis Where Supersonic detonation, corn Sonic ’06 perhaps the worst thing that can happen to the franchise.

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The best starters in the Sonic The franchise tends to work for different reasons from each other: either they’ve made a welcome change to the gameplay formula, or they provide a level of finish that the series typically demands. When it comes to Sonic’s Worst Adventures, however, many of them suffer from similar issues: poor performance, faulty gameplay, low level design, and frustrating controls. Sonic ’06, Sonic Genesis, and Supersonic detonation suffered from it all. For some, the answer you’re the worst at may simply come down to which one is the least fun to play. Sonic ’06, however, has to be the worst in large part for what it could have been and for the stain it left on the franchise as a whole.

At the time of its release, the Sonic series was already going through a gloomy period, with titles like Sound heroes and Shadow the hedgehog receiving mixed to negative reception. Sonic ’06, however, was billed as the game that would take the franchise back to its roots. The first gameplay demos at TGS 2005 and E3 2006 were promising and the demos received positive press. It was really starting to look like Sonic would fall back to his feet, kicking off the seventh generation of games with an incredible new entry.

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Behind the scenes, however, the game ran into serious issues. Former head of Sonic Team (and major Sonic figurehead) Yuji Naka stepped down from Sonic Team in March 2006, leaving director Shun Nakamura even more pressure on his shoulders. This pressure became even more apparent when the dev team was split into two after receiving Wii Dev Kits. Feel that the portage Sonic ’06 to the Wii would take too long, Sega chose to have a separate team to manage the Wii title that would become Sonic and the Secret Rings. This, however, left Sonic ’06 with a very small team, as well as internal pressure from Sega to rush the game for the holiday window 2006. That pressure was so great that the development team even ignored the QA bug test reports, all this because she needed to release the game.

Sonic ’06 is Sonic’s worst as it could have been the revitalization the series needed. It could very well have been the best Sonic game Sega ever released, but what we got was a bug-filled game with poor controls, weak camera, long load times, and some of the weirder stuff to ever find its way into a Sonic Game. This tainted the mark, causing Sonic to lose the run with the Super Mario large series. It wouldn’t be until years later that the franchise would regain some semblance of respectability with Sound colors and Sonic Generations. Even with these games, it’s hard not to be nervous when a new 3D Sonic the game is announced, and that’s in large part thanks to Sonic ’06.

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