Why Cosmo was such an important addition to the cast

The third season of sonic x is susceptible the show’s most memorable season. Despite frequent fan criticism towards the anime, many enjoyed this season especially when it started airing in 2005. This season also expanded the cast of the anime. sonic the hedgehog franchise by introducing many anime-only characters throughout.

One of these additions was a humanoid plant named Cosmo. The plant girl will prove to be one of the best additions to sonic xas well as being a great character to help propel the character arcs of the existing cast.

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The plot of Sonic X Season 3

sonic x is an old series, and new fans of the franchise may not have given it a chance or made it to the third season of the series. The plot of the third season follows the return of Sonic and his friends to their home planet after spending a long time on Earth. As Sonic’s friends happily watch a meteor shower, Sonic battles the series’ latest villain in space. Instead of meteors falling from the sky, a spaceship crash lands right in front of Tails, Amy, and Cream.

Inside the ship is a girl named Cosmo, a plant-like creature from Planet Green Gate. Soon, Cosmo meets Sonic and tells him that he is the galaxy’s last hope to stop an evil fleet of creatures called Metarex. The Metarex’s goal is to steal each planet’s life force, called a planet egg. Sonic and his friends promise to help Cosmo, so they head off into space to find the Chaos Emeralds and battle the Metarex.

Cosmo proves his bravery in various ways

Cosmo’s personality and character are new and unique to the sonic x series and differentiate her from other cast members. While it’s not uncommon for anime children to be thrown into harmful or dangerous situations, Cosmo is still very young and carries the fate of the world on his shoulders. Even though Sonic is, she says, the galaxy’s last hope to stop the Metarex, Cosmo plays an essential role in the story, and furthers the plot of the season. Cosmo’s personality is also a great asset to the team.

Her personality may seem similar to Cream, but while both girls show bravery in their own way, they are still very different. Cosmo shows his bravery through action. She also has a bad habit of trying to do everything herself, but often her friends end up protecting her because they care about her, especially Tails. Cosmo is however very capable of handling himself. However, she is not a fighter in the traditional sense and is never shown physically fighting foes like Sonic or Knuckles.

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Although Cosmo has her moments of bravery, she’s not afraid to show her vulnerability to her friends and often cries – but that’s understandable, as she’s a young girl placed in a perilous position. She is similar to Katara of Avatar: The Last Airbender for these reasons. Some fans may consider Cosmo to be “moaning” or “annoying” as she often cries throughout the series. But that’s dishonest for her character, given the situation she finds herself in and the fact that she’s still a child and the last of her kind.

Cosmo adds diversity to the Sonic X universe

The first two seasons of sonic x receiving quite a bit of criticism from fans new and old, as many disliked stories that focused on human characters like Chris Thorndyke and his family members. While Chris may not have been everyone’s favorite character, there’s no doubt that he and his family fulfill an important role in the sonic x universe. The criticism “there are too many humans”, in the first two seasons of sonic x doesn’t make much sense given that the entire second season is based on two of the early modern Sonic games – Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

These games are mostly set on Earth, and while the gameplay itself doesn’t involve any human characters other than Eggman, there are obviously humans in the cutscenes and level backgrounds. Nevertheless, it is worth recognizing many sonic x fans dislike Chris as a character and some fans think Helen would make a much better human protagonist for the series.

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It’s no surprise that Cosmo plays a huge role in sonic x season 3. This is the season where she is featured and brings a whole new interesting story to the Sonic franchise. His the introduction also gives a new framework to sonic x anime, set in space instead of Earth or Sonic’s home planet. It’s easy to say that Cosmo is the only reason season 3 exists, and is arguably one of the best seasons ever. sonic x. Cosmo doesn’t just play a main character role, she adds diversity to the Sonic universe.

Most fans probably thought Sonic’s galaxy was full of other planets with animal creatures like Sonic and his friends – but, with the introduction of Cosmo, fans can see anthropomorphic plant creatures exist outside of the planet. of Sonic.

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sonic x the third season brings a unique setting and new characters to the series, creating diversity in supporting and background actors. Cosmo might not be everyone’s favorite character, but there’s no doubt that she brought diversity and exciting intrigue to the sonic x universe.

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