Which DLC should a standalone sequel have?


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a spin-off based on the beloved Borderlands 2 DLC, which frankly seems like a safer option than following the underwhelming Borderlands 3. Likewise, the Zombie Army series originated from some popular DLC of the games. Sniper Elite. What expansions or add-ons do you like enough that you’d rather see them get followed rather than the game they came from?

Which DLC should a standalone sequel have?

Here are our answers, as well as some of our forum.

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Evan Lahti: There are surprisingly few games exploring climate change, the issue that will shape the human experience the most for the foreseeable future. But one expansion that did is Civ 6’s Gathering Storm, which “turns climate change into a final boss” and tracks CO2 emissions as a new system, and incorporates global cooperation against the crisis at the World Congress. With so many earth-shattering climate-related disasters in 2021, hopefully we’ll see more games tackle this topic, and I don’t think it’s strictly the management / strategy genre that does.

Nathalie Clayton: This is mainly because I want more people to play Absolver, but Absolver had this brilliant DLC pack called Downfall that added a simple procedural dungeon to its open world punch clubs. Yes, I know Sloclap is doing Sifu now, but I still think Absolver’s fashion sense and deliciously mysterious setting remains ripe for a more story-centric adventure – one where you and your friends can dive into. ancient temples and folded dimensions impossible to snap. masked men.

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Robin Valentin: Hearts of Stone, The Witcher 3’s first DLC, is probably my favorite expansion. A direct sequel would essentially be The Witcher 4, which I’d be interested in, but that’s not really what I’m imagining here. What I think would be really cool, it would be kind of a spiritual sequel to Hearts of Stone. I love the feel of its smaller, weirder story, and I think you could do a sort of anthology game of tales inspired by dark Eastern European folklore in a similar vein. Has anyone ever watched Jim Henson’s The Storyteller? Basically I want a video game from the first season of this, please.

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Jody Macgregor: I want a full Elder Scrolls game in The Shivering Isles from the Oblivion expansion, but I also really want a follow-up to Nightmare in North Point. This was the DLC for the open world crime game Sleeping Dogs that filled Hong Kong with jiangshi, folklore hopping vampires, and cheesy kung fu horror movies. The tone was completely different from the rest of Sleeping Dogs, even though it stemmed directly from the main story – resurrecting one of its villains to be the antagonist. Give me a game of that.

Graeme Meredith: The Sonic Mania DLC, Sonic Mania Plus, is set to have a sequel. And they should call it Sonic Mania 2.

Mazer: The Undead Nightmare DLC for the first RDR made me want a complete zombie game in the style of Rockstar’s painstakingly designed open world adventure style. Hunting and maintaining the RDR2 camp would also work well for a more survival-based experience.

Far Cry games have a genre-and formula-shaking DLC ​​history, from Valley of the Yetis for FC4 which had some of The Long Dark DNA infused with Far Cry gunplay, to the sci-fi triptych, horror and Vietnam war DLC for Far Cry 5. It would be great for Ubisoft to bridge its dead years between major Far Cry releases with riskier side entries for the series like Far Cry Primal, which reused the map FC4 to speed up development, or New Dawn which did the same by turning FC5’s map into a colorful post-apocalypse. Why not change the color scheme of the FC5 card and make it a Wild West FPS? With zombies, because why not?

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XoRn: It is obvious to me. Opposing Force for the original Half-Life ends with Adrian Shepard canceled by the G-Man, presumably in hiding to be unleashed on the Combine when it would benefit G-Man and his mysterious overlords the most. Shepard of course has his own destiny, something in addition to Gordon’s. Maybe he’ll find ways to find the Borealis, or maybe he’ll end up in Black Mesa (which wasn’t as nuclear as we thought). Damn, maybe he’s stumbled upon the combine world where he’s leading a guerrilla campaign to cause as much havoc and destruction as possible.

Whatever the plot, it would be a welcome (long time ago) addition to the Half-Life universe. I can already hear a nice companion Vortigaunt. “The Shepard will lead us.”

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main : There’s the Kasumi: Stolen Memory DLC for Mass Effect 2, which featured Kasumi Goto, voiced by Kym Hoy, who left me wanting more. The DLC itself was pretty short, but I felt she was such a strong character and was somewhat disappointed that once her mission was over, she just sat in her cabin without much dialogue or interaction. Granted, you could take her as a companion on a mission, but there was very little banter with teammates or interaction with Shepard. I’m not sure if an entire game could be based around her, but there is a depth to her character and her mysterious background that might justify a spinoff game with her as the main character.

McStabStab: The Alien: Isolation DLC that brought you to experience the events of Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien. I will take any excuse to have more content for this game.

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