What you need to know about Sonic Storm

Sonic Storm stands out for all the right reasons in a sea of ​​fan games based on Sega’s blue blur. The visuals are reminiscent of games like the original Crash Bandicoot but with the vibes of Jet Set Radio on the Sega Dreamcast. It also offers players a control scheme that combines elements of parkour with the frenetic arcade-like experience Sega was known for at the time, challenging players to play as quickly and stylishly as possible in a short amount of time.

Combined with the naturally fast-paced gameplay that comes with 3D Sonic games and the more floating jumps to help with precision, you’ve got a well-polished fan game you’ll remember. But before anyone decides to jump in head first, here’s a little information to help you master and enjoy the demo.

seven The characters have been redesigned

Screenshots of the Sonic Storm redesign

One of the first things old and new Sonic fans will notice is the drastically different designs and outfits of Sonic and the crew. While franchise overhauls aren’t too rare, none have been as drastic as those featured in Sonic Storm – and they’re all for the better.

Sonic has a much more “extreme” design with new black gloves and red suspenders to complement them. And while it might be less obvious, Shadow, Tails, and Metal Sonic all got new looks that go well with Sonic Storm’s overall style. It’s also worth noting that the characters have all aged a bit, which could explain the changes.


6 The demo starts with an open tutorial

Sonic Storm Tutorial Screenshots

Most players who get into a Sonic game for the first time find it difficult to adapt to the higher speed and memorize the course. To remedy this, Sonic Storm launches players headfirst into an open area that serves as a tutorial to show off the mechanics and flow of the game. The timer does not start until players cross a specific starting line , so there is no pressure to take the time to train.

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Before jumping into the actual level, you’re free to run around and get a feel for the game’s controls and Sonic’s abilities. Take some time to adjust to the more floaty physics and try to pull off some advanced tricks before you get in and play through the stage. It is worth mastering.

5 Sonic starts with most of his abilities

Sonic Storm skills in action

Sonic Storm believes the best way to teach players how to master their skills is to give them the keys right away. It offers complete freedom in the form of a large yet rewarding level design that encourages players to practice and experiment with Sonic’s moveset.

Right off the bat, Sonic can perform most of the abilities he’s been known for for 30 years. From the tried-and-true Homing attack to new skills such as a roll jump for more height on the fly. While it may seem overwhelming at first, stringing together these moves and honing your skills will be rewarded with better stage rating and the discovery of secrets.

4 There are five hidden tokens to find

Sonic Storm- Storm Soul screenshot

Sonic games have never been all about speed, as exploration has always been an essential ingredient in both classic and modern games. ElektricPunk, the developer behind Sonic Storm, not only created a sprawling map for Sonic, but also littered it with silver collectibles.

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Nabbing Storm Souls is kind of a game unto itself. It might seem counterintuitive at first to ignore the clock just to look for a few trinkets, but preying on souls is more than that. Besides being a great way to notice how massive and detailed the testfire demo is, Souls also unlock extras like music and character models.

3 You can play with a traditional analog controller

It’s important to remember that the proper control scheme can make or break any experience, and while it’s perfectly possible to play any PC game with a keyboard and mouse, that doesn’t mean not that a game can’t be made more enjoyable.

That said, switching to your Pro or DualShock controller can make any future speedrun a breeze. As Sonic says when starting the game, “Analog controls can make all the difference!” Rather than just being an option, this seems to be the recommended way to play.

2 Not your typical Sonic game

Screenshot Sonic Storm Downhill

Perhaps done as an homage to Sonic Storm’s other inspiration, the demo features more floating controls than previous 3D games such as Forces or Colors. That’s because Sonic Storm is also inspired by Sega’s classic Dreamcast Jet Set Radio, which also featured floating controls and more frantic gameplay.

The best way to think about it is Sonic Adventure 2, Jet Set Radio and its sequel, having a nice Friday night together and creating Sonic Storm together. It has the feel of JSR but the moveset and visuals of Sonic the Hedgehog. If Sonic Rush is anything to go by, combining the two in any way can only mean good things.

1 A full version is on the horizon

Sonic Storm in action

It’s great to think that even though Sonic Frontiers is still a long way off, fans and newcomers alike still have the opportunity to play a plethora of lovingly made fan games like this. Sega, so far, has taken a more relaxed and encouraging approach to fan games than other companies, going so far as to hire well-established members of the community to work on official projects like Sonic Mania.

It looks like Sega is giving the team behind Sonic Storm the same level of freedom as a full demo release is on the way. There’s never been a better time to work on a project based on Blue Blur and one of his friends. Hoping that someone makes a sequel to this Tails’ Adventure game on Game Gear.

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