What are the best atmospheres in all of Europe?

What are the best atmospheres in all of Europe?

Across Europe, the atmospheres of football stadiums vary from calm to extreme. Often the passion in the most extreme stages can drive the intensity on the pitch.

Fans from countries like Poland, Germany and Croatia create a remarkable atmosphere in every match, regardless of the opponent. Unfortunately, some countries have a reputation for taking their passion too far, inciting violence through hooliganism or racism. Take, for example, Hungary. Hungarian fans threw objects and flares onto the pitch while hurling racial slurs at players like Raheem Sterling or Jude Bellingham.

Beyond those bad apples, a number of fan groups across Europe are creating fear-inducing atmospheres in visiting teams. This applies to all of Europe, not just countries outside the “top five leagues”.

Liverpool, for example, have one of the best home crowds in England. The Kop End has had dramatic moments throughout Liverpool’s European history. Undoubtedly, the fans played an inspiring role for the players on the pitch.

Likewise, Celtic and Rangers make every Scottish Premiership game dramatic via their fans. Old Firm is a whole different story with this intensity.

What is you do you think are the best atmospheres in all of Europe?

Everyone will have a bias saying their favorite club has the best vibe. As a Barcelona fan, I wouldn’t be one to say that. See the quarter-final second leg with Eintracht Frankfurt as ‘Exhibit A’. Still, there is a case to be made for big clubs like Liverpool, or smaller clubs (relatively speaking) like Valencia or German side St. Pauli.

Either way, in the comments section below, let us know your favorite atmospheres to watch on TV. Or, if you’ve had the opportunity to travel to one of the most important gaming locations, we appreciate all the stories.

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