Viral ND TikToker wraps up “50 dates 50 States” tour


Viral TikToker is about to wrap up its journey of having 50 dates in 50 states.

Former Bismarck Larks Entertainment Director Matt Wurnig became a TikTok sensation when he began a nationwide tour he dubbed “50 dates 50 States”. Matt started his journey on January 11 and he’s about to end his dating tour! And, with just three states remaining, Matt is on the hunt for his 49th date.

Matt has three dates and states remaining, but he’s still looking for date number 49.

According to Matt’s TikTok, he has dates left in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. But he’s still looking for a date in South Dakota. So if you know someone …

@ 50dates50states Who will be Date 49? ## 50Dates50States

happier – Olivia Rodrigo

Matt’s “TikTok Bachelor” journey has garnered him many followers over the past few months.

Ever since Matt started his journey, he’s been documenting his dates on TikTok. When he left the Larks, Matt had over 100,000 followers on TikTok. And its platform has really grown over the past few months. Today, his page has 321.6,000 subscribers and 9.7 million “likes”. Oh, and he’s been in the news all over the country!

@ 50dates50statesThe presenter’s comment at the end 😂 ## 50Dates50States ♬ Venom – Music From The Motion Picture – Eminem
So how did Matt sort of invent this unique style of dating? He was actually inspired by the pandemic. What started as pandemic Zoom dates turned into a multi-month travel and dating adventure!
You can find out more about Matt and his dating journey at

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