VIRAL ALERT: Valeria Lipovetsky | Young Hollywood

Model, mother and influencer Valeria Lipovetsky is known to be a fashion whiz on Instagram. We were introduced to her via her YouTube channel in which she described how she got her start in the modeling industry. Her story is one of a kind as she was discovered by a talented agent from Elite Models Israel who was spotted on stage picking up a basket of soap she had won in a modeling contest in Tel Aviv. -Aviv at only 15 years old.

What makes Valeria very different from other influencers is the way she gives insight into her experience as a model in the fashion industry and her daily life as a mother, combining these two worlds and giving advice to her followers. in fashion. She’s not at all afraid of a challenge – from picking out stylish looks inspired by her favorite pieces, to creating a puffer jacket in different ways, Valeria has you covered!

She even curated an “Emily in Paris” inspired look based on the popular Netflix series. This isn’t the first time she’s created stylish looks inspired by TV shows.

Along with posting inspirational fashion videos, she also posts about skincare and her beautiful family of five, sometimes featuring her husband and kids in her videos. Most would know that Valeria and her husband Gary Lipovetsky are of different ages – specifically their 18-year age gap – which really doesn’t change their relationship status. Love has no age, that’s for sure!

She has since taken time off from the modeling industry in order to focus on her family, although that hasn’t stopped her from modeling from time to time, as well as posting prep videos with me and her experiences working with brands.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Valeria’s fashion tips. We can’t wait to see what she releases next!

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