Victor Wembanyama’s reaction to Steve Ho You Fat goes viral

Victor Wembanyama is making waves in the basketball world after becoming a unicorn in a recent Metropolitans 92 game against G League Ignite. But Ignite’s Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson aren’t the only ones getting massive attention after this contest. There’s also Steve Ho You Fat, whose name is all you need to know why he’s trending on social media platforms lately. There’s nothing about the way he played against Ignite that deserves more attention online than the letters printed on the back of his shirt. As far as anyone who saw this game goes, Steve Ho You Fat is the top prospect in the 2023 Sports Name Draft – if there ever was one.

Victor Wembanyama, who has a unique sounding name himself, is present during Thursday night’s preseason game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Lakers and was asked about the 15 minutes of Steeve Ho You Fat . Wembanyama, of course, had a hilarious response to this.

“He’s got so much attention right now. I am so happy for him. He takes it well… Let’s be honest: he has a crazy name!

Good thing Steve Ho You Fat takes all the hilarity in stride and actually benefit.

As for Victor Wembanyama, his name will continue to be a topic of discussion for several months to come – the same name everyone will be waiting to hear in the 2023 NBA Draft where he is expected to be taken to the top by whoever is tanking. most.

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