Venom 2 ending, explained: does Carnage survive?


Venom: Let There Be Carnage features a massive battle between the two symbiotes. But what exactly happened during the brutal fight?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, currently playing in theaters.

Venom: let there be carnage lets fans finally see how the titular antihero measures up against the malevolent offspring, as teased in the original 2018 film. Throughout the sequel, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and serial killer Cletus Kasady ( Woody Harrelson) share several conversations in which they delve into each other’s psyche. As a result, a twisted bond forms both as individuals and between their symbiont counterparts. Thanks to the Carnage symbiote, Cletus survives the death penalty after escaping from prison and killing almost all the guards. From there, Carnage and Cletus begin to set their plan in motion.

After his escape, Venom 2 sets up Carnage’s grand plan as he travels through San Francisco, killing anyone he likes and stealing everything he sees, including a red muscle car. As he terrorizes the city, he and Carnage grow even more powerful and deadly. But as their bloodlust grows, Venom and Eddie go through a huge argument and go their separate ways, leaving each other vulnerable. Not only is this bad for both sides, but it gives Carnage more than enough time to prepare his pieces for the film’s climactic battle.

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Game of Thrones’ version of Carnage of the Red Wedding

As Venom 2 shows, during his decades of murder and incarceration, Cletus had only one goal in mind: to be reunited with his one shining light, Frances Barrison, aka Shriek (Naomie Harris). Frances and Cletus grew up together in the same recovery school, until she was taken to Ravencroft because her mutation gave her loud, loud screams. Once the couple are finally reunited, they decide it’s time to get married. But rather than a traditional audience, they choose to involve the people they want revenge on in the festivities. Frances wants to kill the man who shot her in the eye, Detective Patrick Mulligan (Stephen Graham). However, Cletus and Carnage want to kill Eddie and Venom after the two help get Cletus sentenced to death.

After Eddie’s ex Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) helps reunite him with Venom, she is kidnapped and held hostage by Carnage in an abandoned church. After being told he can eat all the wrong people in the building, Venom confronts Carnage in a fierce fight. It quickly becomes apparent that Carnage’s abilities make him far deadlier than any other symbiote Venom has encountered in the past. Not only can Carnage craft razor-sharp tendrils, he’s also capable of creating multiple axes and arms. However, while Venom cannot physically overpower Carnage, he can exploit Carnage’s weaknesses in sound and fire. While it helps to wait awhile, Carnage overcomes the fire and destroys the bell, leaving Venom trapped.

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Deadly protectors save the day

While buried under the rubble, Carnage takes Anne to devour her at the top of the church. As this happens, Venom begins to come to terms with defeat. However, it takes Eddie to realize that Cletus and Carnage’s bond is weaker than theirs. The realization helps boost Venom’s morale, and Eddie’s confirmation that the two are indeed deadly protectors gives them the strength to lift the rubble and fight Carnage one last time. Venom takes a metal bar and climbs into the church, stabbing Carnage in the head and freeing Anne.

As he saves her, Shriek collapses to her potential disappearance after a battle with Mulligan where she nearly kills him. But before touching the ground, she lets out a cry that separates Carnage and Cletus. The villain and the symbiote crash to the ground and Venom devours his offspring before Cletus can bond again. Defeated, Cletus claims he never wanted to be Eddie’s friend. Venom, weary of his speeches, devours Cletus’ head. Venom 2The climactic battle ends with Eddie and Venom saying goodbye to Anne and her fiance, Dan (Reid Scott), before leaving the grid until their next adventure.

To see Venom and Eddie take on Carnage and Cletus, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is in theaters now.

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