TV Tonight: A Heartbreaking Report on Child Sex Trafficking in the United States | Television

World not reported

7:30 p.m., Channel 4

Journalist Yousra Elbagir is in Texas, where an estimated 80,000 children and young people are victims of sex trafficking, visiting Houston, which has the sad honor of having more reported cases than any other US city. Elbagir follows a mother who, with the help of a detective, is on the hunt for her daughter. She also talks to a 19-year-old girl who managed to escape trafficking and confronts a man recently released from prison after being convicted of advertising women online. Hollie Richardson


8:30 p.m., BBC One

In a surprisingly tearful moment, one of the ghosts crosses over to the other side tonight. Can we mourn someone who is already dead? There’s no time for that anyway. Mike and Alison throw a party for an 86-year-old man, but soon realize it’s actually for an eight- and six-year-old. HOUR

Professor T

9 p.m., TVI

There’s no classier crime than when an artisan baker is found dead, but will the picky professor (Ben Miller) uncover vital evidence that leads to the killer? The plot thickens with the news that the bread maker in question has already testified against a convicted murderer and was already receiving death threats. Hannah Verdier

Mortimer & Whitehouse: gone fishing

9 p.m., BBC 2

“We’re like two adventurous snails,” chimes Paul Whitehouse, nodding toward the motorhome he and Bob Mortimer currently call home. In tonight’s series finale, the pair languish aboard a boat on Ireland’s Lough Corrib. With craic in abundance, their eyes are firmly fixed on trout and bream. Danielle DeWolfe

Confronting Evil… Liv Lisa Fries as Charlotte in Babylon Berlin. Photography: Frédéric Batier/ARD/Sky Studios

Babylon Berlin

9 p.m., Atlantic Sky

The fourth season of this beautifully dark and decadent historical crime drama begins in a grim historical setting: 1930s Germany, where the Weimar Republic is in trouble. Inspector Rath finds himself drawn into the gangs – but as we know, something even darker is looming. Phil Harrison

Am I unreasonable?

9:30 p.m., BBC One

It’s time to learn Jen’s (Seline Hizli) backstory as she takes the narrative reins in this episode. Is she really trying to cause problems for Nic (Daisy May Cooper)? And what role did guest star Jessica Hynes’ character, Becca, play in her previous life? Buckle up! HOUR

Choice of movies

sonic the hedgehog 2
Family fun… Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
Photography: Paramount/Allstar

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Jeff Fowler, 2022) 10:10 a.m., 5:55 p.m., Sky Cinema Premiere

If you have toddlers, this movie will have bludgeoned you months ago. But newcomers will find this sequel ticks all the boxes you could want from a family popcorn movie. Sonic (Ben Schwartz) is once again called upon to save the world from the terrors of Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey, gleefully chewing up so much furniture he deserves an award), this time aided by Idris Elba’s super-powerful Knuckles. It’s very fast-paced and extremely funny, although it might be Stockholm Syndrome talking. Stuart Legacy

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