Trae Young on Dejounte Murray embarrassing Paolo Banchero

Orlando Magic rookie Paolo Banchero is already being trained by NBA veterans long before he even played his first second in the regular season. Take for example this video of Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray schooling the NBA rookie, which Trae Young absolutely adored.

It must be humiliating for Paolo Banchero to be the victim of complete punk on the court, but it’s something every NBA player has to go through. There will always be veterans who try to give rookies a hard welcome, and Banchero will certainly pay it off to a poor rookie on the road when he has a few years left in him in the pros.

Trae Young must also be so ecstatic to see his new backcourt partner working hard in the offseason. But it’s not just the offensive stuff that Young and the Hawks are all excited about Dejounte Murray, as the former Washington Huskies star will also bring Atlanta a defensive stopper in the backcourt, something the Hawks lacked prior to his arrival. in A-City.

Murray is coming off a year in the NBA, when he earned an All-Star appearance for the first time in his league career. It was also the same season in which he tied his career-high in defensive win shares (3.4) and had a career-high 2.0 steals per game.

With Murray in the Hawks uniform, Trae Young and the rest of Atlanta can look forward to an improvement in their scoring defense which was just 18th in 2021 with 112.0 points allowed per game.

As for Banchero, he will get his chance for revenge against Murray in the upcoming 2022-23 NBA season.

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