The SGDQ raised more than $ 2.9 million for a charity this year


After a big week of quick pimple mash and tricky hacks, it’s time for SGDQ to take a well-deserved rest. The charity marathon raised more than $ 2.9million (around £ 2million) for Doctors Without Borders, which the GDQ the organizers say is a new record for their online events. It collected a total of 40,351 donations from 22,640 actual donors, with a median donation amount of $ 25. If you haven’t seen the marathon live, you can still catch some fantastic runs of the week here.

One particularly interesting tip happened during the Styx: Shards Of Darkness speedrun right at the start of the marathon. I talked about it a bit more last week, but you can spot the clip right here. Speedrunner “Tohelot” shows how to break out of Styx’s limits actually allows runners to tap into a set of in-game development tools.

“The database has all the information about the level goals and we just go over the buttons and press ‘yes we did the thing’ and go to the next level,” explains Tohelot. This is a tip I would love to have for household chores in real life. You can spot all of the crushed Styx on YouTube.

For those in the mood for something more classic, the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle speedrun performed by “Dage4” was a really great watch thanks to some well-executed tips and very supportive commentators. It features the very triumphant quote “I’m playing right now. I’m not going to lie. I’m playing,” after Dage4 was praised by commentators for an impressive time at one level. The other sprinters bragging about each other in comments and donation posts are always a highlight of GDQ marathons in my mind. Always puts a smile on the mug.

Another race full of enthusiastic explanations and awesome laps was the Shadow Of The Colossus race performed by “TikTak”. I had managed to forget that it was remastered on PS4, not PC, so you’ll forgive me for including it just to show you a pretty impressive physical leap. There was a lot of cool stuff to learn about SOTC during this speedrun, but of course one of the flashier tricks was my favorite. You can watch the rest of this race here.

These are the tracks that I can recommend firsthand at the moment. Also on my watchlist is the Black Mesa speedrun, which I imagine will be neat considering how new the game is. I also can’t wait to check out the Untitled Goose Game, which proves you can still make wallhacks if you have feathers instead of fingers. Make sure to catch the glitch show after this speedrun for even more goosing.

And you a lot? Have you spotted any particularly clever tips? Did you make a donation this year? There are plenty of speedruns to feed me until the next event.

Summer Games Done Quick took place July 4-11 of this year, officially raising a total of $ 2,909,369.35 for Doctors Without Borders.

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