The Rock is working on a big video game movie adaptation

The Rock promised he would do good for his fellow gamers, so don’t worry.


For years, the widely held belief was that video games don’t make great movies and movies don’t make great video games. There was one odd exception, but for the most part gamers would peek through their fingers when they saw what a major Hollywood studio had done to their favorite game. See Super Mario Bros, Assassin’s Creed, and more in between for all the examples you’ll need.

The last few years may have proven that this is no longer the case. Detective Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, even the latest Mortal Kombat have all been pretty well received. This seems to have sparked more projects, including TV shows, as Mass Effect, The Last Of Us, and Fallout will all be aimed at non-gaming audiences in the future. Now The Rock has revealed he plans to add to that growing pile of projects.


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The Rock revealed his upcoming video game adaptation during an interview with men’s diary. “We’re going to bring one of the biggest, badass games to the screen, a game I’ve been playing for years,” Rock revealed. What the former WWE Superstar couldn’t reveal is what game it will be about. However, he promised to “do the right thing for our fellow players” whatever that means.

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Rock’s reveal was sparked when he was asked what’s next for him after Black Adam. Now speculation about which game or series of games The Rock is currently working on can begin. The comment that he’s been playing it for years suggests it’s a game that’s part of a series or has a lot of sequels. Rock is a busy guy and probably isn’t one to go back and play the same game over and over.

It could be a Call Of Duty movie. A few years ago, there was a spinoff movie of the long-running series in the works, but production was halted indefinitely in 2020. Maybe Rock will be on the aforementioned Mass Effect show, though he’s specifically saying this unnamed project. is a film. Rock is certainly no stranger to video game movies. The People’s Champ has starred in adaptations of Doom and Rampage in the past.

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