The photographer wins the Red Bull Illume 2021 award while skiing in his apartment!

Photographer won prestigious gong in Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2021 with ingenious stop-motion video of him skiing – inside, in his apartment, during confinement.

The Red Bull Illume Photography Contest unveils the winners in each of its categories every evening this week. Dedicated to adventure and action sports, the competition showcases the most creative and captivating images, celebrating the passion, lifestyle and culture behind the photographers who photograph them.

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Last night, two more winners were announced for the Photo Story and Playground by Whitewall categories. The Photo Story category was won by Philipp Klein Herrero of Spain for his viral lockdown video featuring expertly composed shots of him skiing in his living room.

The category folder was to submit photos “presented in a 30 second to 3 minute slide show, giving you the opportunity to show us your story that just can’t be told in one picture”. Watch her creative and humorous stop-motion story below:

Photo Story was introduced as a new category this year, and the inspiration for Herrero’s unique concept was The Global Pandemic, Living a Day in the Mountains from the comfort of your own home. “I taped my camera to the ceiling, put on my ski gear and started filming, one photo at a time,” he said. “Once posted it went viral within hours, something I didn’t expect, but it showed me how badly the world needed something positive.”

Markus Berger from Austria won the crown in the Playground by Whitewall category. His glacial shot matched the record perfectly by showcasing “the landscapes, places, platforms and environments in which athletes play.” The spectacular photo shows wakeboarder Dominik Hernler riding a meltwater stream inside a glacier.

Markus remembers that the glacier’s ice cave was so cold he struggled to keep himself and his camera alive and in working order. “In terms of photography it was an extreme challenge… I didn’t feel anything below my waist and one of my cameras broke too. It was also a matter of luck if I triggered the camera at the right time… Okay, after this shot, the camera turned off and didn’t work for three days! “

(Image credit: © Markus Berger / Red Bull Illume)

Photography fans around the world won’t have to wait any longer for the results of this year’s Lifestyle by Cooph winner, announced today (December 01) at 12 p.m. EST / 5 p.m. GMT. This will be followed by a second announcement of the Masterpiece by SanDisk Professional category winner at 2:00 p.m. EST / 7:00 p.m. GMT.

The ads can be viewed live on Red Bull’s Instagram, in addition to being shown on the Red Bull Illum website, bringing the experience directly to fans around the world. Many guests from the action sports and photography fields will make appearances on the live broadcasts, including former Red Bull Illume overall winner Chris Burkard in tonight’s panel.

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