The most iconic video game title screens

People often say that the first impression is the most important, and when it comes to video games, this saying can also apply. The best video game title screens tell you what to expect from the game, without revealing any of its surprises. They give you a glimpse of the game world before diving into it.

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Often accompanied by in-game music and striking visuals, title screens are an important way for developers to engage players, showing them what’s so great about the experiences they are. about to live with one screen. The most iconic title screens are the ones you’ll want to sit down and stare at every time you start the game.


ten The Calm Before the Storm: The Last of Us

The title screen of The Last of Us transports you to the game’s post-apocalyptic world through its melancholic atmosphere. He opts for a haunting image of a window with curtains blowing in the breeze, rather than a depiction of one of the game’s infected.

The world of The Last of Us is one that has mostly fallen into disrepair, after an apocalyptic outbreak infected much of humanity. It’s easy to imagine that the title screen house once belonged to someone long gone, with their home now abandoned and left to nature. The title screen also has an added bonus after completing the game, as Ellie’s switchblade will appear in the corner of the windowsill.

9 All-seeing eye: Animal Crossing series

The Animal Crossing series has changed a lot since it debuted on the N64, but one thing has stayed the same: its creative title screens. These do a great job of demonstrating the core game mechanic, as you get a glimpse into the lives of your villagers.

The title screens make it easy to imagine that even when you’re not playing, your villagers and other NPCs continue with their daily routines. When you start an Animal Crossing game, it’s like visiting your friends, and the title screen helps strengthen your connection with them.

8 Double Trouble: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic and Tails have become one of the most recognizable video game duos, and it was the game that started it all. As Tails’ first introduction to the series, the game welcomes this new character with open arms, appearing right next to the series mascot.

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The upbeat arcade-style title music represents how fun this series is, and the bright and eye-catching graphic style draws you in as well. You know you’re in for a great time when you see that title screen pop up, ready to join Sonic and Tails on their adventure.

7 Sea and Sky: Pokémon Gold and Silver

Depending on whether you’re playing Pokemon Gold or Silver, you’ll be treated to a title screen that either features a silhouette of Ho-Oh flying through the sky or Lugia swimming deep under the sea. The Pokemon series and its title screens have come a long way. It’s been a long way since Gold and Silver was released in 2000, but this one has remained iconic as it’s the first full-color title screen.

The title screens did a great job of teasing this generation’s legendary Pokémon, urging you to press start and begin your journey through the Johto region – an all-new Pokémon adventure. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver pay homage to this title screen by reimagining it in 3D.

6 Anything But Hollow: Hollow Knight

Revered indie game Hollow Knight has one of the most interactive title screens, letting you choose between designs and even unlock various backgrounds, depending on which ending you reach. It’s a new take on the title screen concept, rewarding you for being dedicated enough to complete multiple endings.

One of the best customization options is The Eternal Ordeal style, which rewards you for beating 57 Zotelings. Instead of the main menu classical music, you’ll be treated to Zote singing a cover of the track.

5 Full of Symbolism: Xenoblade Chronicles

Despite its simple concept, Xenoblade Chronicles’ title screen is one of the most powerful in gaming history due to its ability to distill a powerful message through the Monado into the ground as it turns towards the night.

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The moving title screen music, composed by Yoko Shimomura, accompanies the image of the only Monado. This imagery combined with the music is relaxing and hopeful, preparing you for the adventure that is about to come. Every time you open the game, you’ll want to wait for the cycle to finish to hear the music swell.

4 Time is running out: Chrono Trigger

One of the most beloved RPGs of all time, Chrono Trigger deserves its brilliant title screen. The ticking of the pendulum as it swings from side to side ushers in the title of the game alongside catchy music that foreshadows the grand adventure you are about to embark on.

Chrono Trigger’s title screen has remained so effective because it introduces you to the game’s main time travel mechanic without giving away any of its finer details. This mechanic is succinctly represented through the clock motif, which has become representative of the game as a whole.

3 Simple and clean: Kingdom Hearts series

Ever since the original Kingdom Hearts, the series’ title screens have kept a simple design, letting Tetsuya Nomura’s artwork speak for itself. Each entry in the series reworks the title screen, showing representative artwork from the title and playing its own take on the iconic “Dearly Beloved” theme.

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The title screen embodies the magic that has thrilled fans for more than two decades. With so many entries in the series, it ties them all together, helping to ensure that the games are truly part of the same overarching story.

2 Fit for a Hero: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

The Legend of Zelda series’ first foray into 3D animation, Ocarina of Time is considered by many fans to be the series’ greatest entry – and with its captivating title screen, it’s clear to see why. Continuing the series’ roots, Ocarina of Time transformed Link’s journey using a time travel mechanic, while embodying the hero’s solitary journey.

The Ocarina of Time title screen does a great job of depicting that heroism, as you’re treated to a scene of Link riding his trusty horse Epona through Hyrule Field as the score plays in the background.

1 Buster Sword In The Stone: Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 7

The Final Fantasy 7 title screen features nothing but a dark background, with Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword as the only object of attention. This weapon, along with the option to continue, is a striking first impression. It’s like every time you start the game, you pick up the Buster Sword and continue your journey.

This title screen has become so well-known that Square decided to change little to it for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Instead, it opted for the same opening shot, this time with high definition graphics and remastered title music.

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