“The mood in the locker rooms will be better” – Shakib after his victory over Oman


WORLD CUP T20, 2021

Bangladesh won comfortably by 26 points. © AFP

Bangladesh’s all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan said the victory against Oman will bring some stability in the national dressing room because they are now much more relieved than before.

Bangladesh lost the opener to Scotland and had to secure a win over Oman in the qualifiers in order to keep their hopes up in the ongoing T20 World Cup. Bangladesh were challenged by the co-hosts as they were in the game for the most part before losing their way largely due to their inexperience as they failed to recover after losing a few wickets.

Shakib and Mustafizur Rahman shared seven wickets between them, but it was Saifuddin and Mahedi Hasan’s budget bowling that brought them back into the game to help them avoid further embarrassment.

“I think Saifuddin and Mahedi’s bowling was the turning point as they had probably given less than 30 points to get us back into the game,” said Shakib, who won the man of the match on his overall performance. .

“I think the victory is certainly a relief and I think the atmosphere in the locker room will be better after this victory,” he said, adding that he was not sure why there was so much noise afterwards. have lost against an associated country.

“I think the loss to Scotland was disappointing and we have to thank them as even today we had to work hard to secure the victory against Oman.

“Look, we have to credit the associated countries because they play despite all the odds and they play cricket well, so I think they deserve all the credit. In T20 format, there is no favorite because everyone must play well and since this is a short format only one or two players can change the momentum or have a huge impact behind a win. ”

Shakib added that their batting unit can improve in some areas, which in turn will help the team. “There is room for improvement at batting because we have scored 150 points and we can add 20 to 25 points to that. If we can add 15 points on the power play and 10 points at the end, it can be done and we are. capable of it, ”he stressed.

“If we can score 170 points with the bowling offense, we can fight any team and we need that improvement,” he said, adding that it was difficult to keep the catches. in Oman.

“Holding a catch at night is difficult because the light is weak and when the ball passes over the light it becomes difficult to keep an eye on the ball and there is one other thing that the ball seems to be traveling fast. can’t apologize as we have done enough training here so we should get used to it, “he said.

Shakib added that they are still hoping to leave a mark in the tournament with the team for now by focusing only on the PNG game. The veteran believes a comfortable victory over the associated team will help seal their passage to the next round.

“I think if we can beat PNG we will qualify and after that we can say what we want to do next, but we have to qualify first,” Shakib said.

“When we left the country we dreamed of achieving something big and we still hold on to that dream. If we had said we came here to lose every game, would you have taken it right? cannot be changed from time to time. ”

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