The Konami code and 9 other iconic cheat codes from video games


There is an incredible amount of enthusiasm surrounding video games and it’s an industry that keeps growing exponentially. Video games get more and more sophisticated every year and this allows titles to push the limits of what was previously possible and there is now a highest caliber of talent involved with the game than ever before.

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Video games are no stranger to experimentation when it comes to spin-offs and unconventional changes and one area that has kept the game interesting is the cheat codes. There are occasions when the cheat codes associated with games are as popular as the game itself, if not more so. Cheat codes have evolved as well, as have the rest of the games, but some codes still stand out years later.

ten Konami code provides help in several classic Konami titles

Contra Konami Attack game

It’s a lot of fun when video game companies reference their past work and incorporate details that connect their worlds. Konami is responsible for several legendary video game franchises and the Konami code is so special because it is a cheat that works in many Konami games.

The code – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A – is perhaps best known for the 30 lives it gives in Contra, but it’s code that has not only been used in other Konami games, but has since become a touchstone of pop culture in its own right, mentioned in songs, referenced in movies, put on clothes , and more.

9 Mortal Kombat’s Blood Code activates the uncensored home arcade experience

Mortal Kombat game blood code menu

Mortal combat is one of the biggest fighting franchises in the game and the violent series has never been so popular with its new feature film and the many exciting appearances from guest fighters.

Mortal combat made major waves upon its release due to its violence. Some versions of Mortal combat were toned down – most infamously, the one that happened to SNES – but savvy gamers have learned to bring blood back into the platform versions of Sega (along with other secret luxuries). In the Sega Genesis version, the blood code is obtained by waiting for the cryptic Honor Code screen to appear and pressing A, B, A, C, A, B, B – intentionally chosen as such so that people may refer to it as “Abacab” for short, a practice that several other Genesis games would borrow for their own cheat codes.

8 Metroid’s Justin Bailey code brings out Samus’ human side

Game Metroid Justin Bailey Fashion Swimsuit

Early video games often used a password feature to record player progress, which is also a mechanic that lends itself to a lot of additional hidden details. Nintendo’s original Metroid allows players to play as an inappropriate version of Samus Aran, green haired, entering the password JUSTIN BAILEY in the top half of the two-line password and a series of dashes on the second line.

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This alternate outfit for Samus can be unlocked organically, but it’s a pretty difficult accomplishment. The code JUSTIN BAILEY helps prove Samus’ female status and makes the game more interesting. Despite plenty of fan theories and urban legends surrounding the code in terms of who or what Justin Bailey actually is and why he was chosen as the password, it seems like it’s just fluke – and if this not, Nintendo has kept this a secret extremely well for almost 35 years.

7 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Allows Excess Wealth And Health

Game GTA San Andreas Silver

the Grand Theft Auto series is so unruly and full of content that it’s only natural that cheat codes exist to help players achieve things like all vehicles, weapons, or even more benign details like the ability to change the weather.

There are many codes for each game, but the most memorable of the lot is San Andreas’ boost to essentially run the city. R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up (on the original version of PlayStation 2) gives the player $ 250,000 as well as full health and armor. It’s an easy way to let off steam in the crime-filled playground.

6 Sonic the Hedgehog’s Level Select kicks off a tradition for the franchise

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Level Select Debug Game

the Sonic the hedgehog series helped define the Sega Genesis and fast-paced platform games are always difficult to complete legitimately from start to finish. Sonic the hedgehog incorporates a convenient level selection mode accessed by simultaneously pressing Up, Down, Left, Right, then A and Start.

Later entries in the series feature more robust debugging modes that go way beyond a simple level selection, but the original Sonic the hedgehog begins this tradition and teaches players to be on the lookout for such a cheat code.

5 Doom’s divine mode code turns the hellish experience into a cake

Statistics of the Doom God mode of the game

The first person shooter genre has become one of the most popular video game genres and it’s thanks to titles like Loss. Loss paved the way for first person shooters and it is still relevant today. Loss‘s previous games can be quite punitive and there are tons of cheat codes that make the experience simple.

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The pinnacle of these is the God Mode cheat, which maximizes player stats and makes defeat essentially impossible. The most of Doom’s the cheat codes insult the player through devious word games or contain developer jokes. God Mode’s cheat code is IDDQD, which delves into the development studio’s past.

4 Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out !! Allows a quick fix to immediately fight Tyson

Punch-Out game Mike Tyson Combat

Video games have grown incredibly over the years and can handle a lot more, but there are still classic titles that are extremely difficult and considered just as difficult as any game today. Souls Nintendo game Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out !! for NES is notoriously difficult and therefore the game’s password feature incorporates a way to help the player.

007-373-5963 takes the player straight to Mike Tyson – or Mr. Dream in subsequent presses of the game after Nintendo’s license agreement with Tyson expires – which is the only way for some people to have the chance to experience the game. mastodon boxing champion. BBut in fact, beating that final boss, especially without working at it and learning the ropes, is a whole different story.

3 Big Head mode in NBA Jam heightens the silliness of the series

NBA Jam Game Big Head Mode

Some video games really don’t skip unless they are experienced in an arcade room and NBA Jam definitely knows how to unite a crowd of strangers. NBA Jam features refined basketball gameplay, but also a silly sense of humor.

One of the most popular and easiest cheat codes for the game is its Big Head mode, which is unlocked by holding down the Up, Turbo, and Steal buttons before the match begins. NBA Jam‘s Flaming players are another big feature as well, and the series has made sure that both of these silly details end up in modern updates to the title.

2 The Legend Of Zelda rewards those who name their player Zelda

Game Legend Of Zelda Password Name Change

An innocent detail of RPG and adventure video games is that players have the option of naming their file, or their hero. This is prevalent in the The Legend of Zelda series and there is in fact hidden secrets which can be unlocked using name entry as cheat code device.

In the original game, choosing ZELDA as the file name, players began the punitive “second quest” of the game which featured a remixed and much more difficult version of the game, confusing many young players in a pre-internet world. . In other Zelda games, entering the name ZELDA will result in Easter Eggs such as an alternate version of the main game’s main theme in the background and various other fun little rewards to keep the legacy of the original “cheat code” alive. .

1 “Rosebud” and “Motherlode” Allow Sims players to cheat in life

The sims started as a creative extension of the city building simulator series, but has grown into a huge success in its own right. There is some satisfaction in playing The sims in a well-founded way, but many want easy perks. Control + Shift + C then enter the cheat code “rosebud” in the original Sims will generate at least 1,000 additional Simoleons, the in-game currency.

Of The sims 2 forward, this the cheat code is replaced by “motherlode, which gives the player 50,000 Simoleons every time they come in. He’s a literal game changer.

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