The exhibit looks at atmospheric displays of the bay

HUMBOLDT BAY Photos by Aldaron Laird on display at the Marsh Interpretive Center. Via the Friends of the Marais d’Arcata

ARCATA MARSH – In January and February, photographs by environmental planning consultant Aldaron Laird will be on display at the Arcata Marsh Interpretation Center.

Shows featuring local art and photography are sponsored by the Friends of the Arcata Marshes. The Interpretive Center, located at 569 South G St. in Arcata, is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Masks are currently required inside the building. For more information, call (707) 826-2359.

The following is a statement from Laird:

I have been mapping and studying Humboldt (Wigi) Bay for 20 years. I have been active since 2010 in promoting a regional approach to planning for sea level rise in the bay.

I prepared Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessments, co-founded the Humboldt State Sea Level Rise Initiative, and recently launched the HSU Humboldt Sea Level Rise Public Forum.

I spent a lot of time kayaking, hiking and photographing in Humboldt

Bay. I circled the 102 mile shoreline of the bay. I am particularly drawn to the dynamic intertidal zone, the landscape of canals, mud flats and salt marshes between the extreme King and Minus tides.

The bay and its reflective waters and ever-changing atmospheric displays are a pleasure to observe and photograph. My photographs of Humboldt Bay have been exhibited at the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

Laird of Aldaron

Laird of Aldaron

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