The Amazing Graysons compare WWE and AEW


The Amazing Graysons (JP Grayson and Tommy Grayson) spoke about their contrasting experiences working for WWE and AEW.

JP Grayson lost a tag team match to The Viking Raiders on RAW in 2019 before losing another match to Jack Gallagher on 205 Live. Last month JP and Tommy Grayson lost to Chaos Project on AEW Dark.

Talk to Riju Dasgupta from Sportskeeda Wrestling, JP Grayson discussed the atmosphere during his time behind the scenes in WWE.

“You see a lot of people that you grew up watching or even see now, and that’s just one of those things,” JP said. “You have to act like you belong to it. Stay cool. I’ve had some pretty cool conversations with guys like Zack Ryder. We both love action figures, so when the time and place is right… you know, when and where it all depends. But if people are working, you have to let them do their jobs.

Watch the video above for more on the Amazing Graysons’ thoughts on their wrestling career so far. They also explained why JP took on the Viking Raiders with Justin Corino as a tag team partner instead of Tommy.

Tommy Grayson on WWE vs. AEW

While Tommy Grayson hasn’t been in any WWE matches yet, he still experienced the backstage atmosphere of Vince McMahon’s company.

He believes WWE and AEW have their similarities and differences.

“One looks like a three-course meal, the other is kind of a buffet,” Tommy said. “And that’s do you like a three course meal or do you like a buffet?” This is the best way to describe it without revealing all the ingredients. If you’ve been there, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Going forward, the Amazing Graysons are set to compete in a tag team match against Waves + Curls at Saturday’s Northeast Wrestling event in Waterbury, Connecticut.

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