Tails’ greatest invention would have to fail so Eggman’s daughter could grow up

After Sonic the Hedgehog #49, Belle the Tinkerer must once again fall under the control of Dr. Eggman so that she still has to face her origins.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for sonic the hedgehog #49!

Tails’ latest invention that prevents Dr. Eggman aka Robotnik to control his daughter Belle the Builder must fail so she can better face her tragic past in IDW’s sonic the hedgehog. Although built by Eggman’s hands, it’s more accurate to say that the highly intricate wooden puppet comes from the mind of Eggman’s good alter ego, Mr. Tinker, who took control of the villain after the mad scientist began to suffer from a major case of amnesia.

For some time, Belle has known that her creator, Mr. Tinker, is really Eggman, an accomplishment she doesn’t care much about, as she espouses the benevolent nature of the evil mad scientist’s good alter ego and doesn’t tolerate Dr. La Eggman’s philosophy on life. Previous issues had made it seem like Belle had somehow moved on from her past as she now struggled to fit in with Sonic’s friends and their restoration efforts.

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Luckily, this unattractive character development made a welcome 180 in sonic the hedgehog #49 by writer and artist Evan Stanely, colorists Matt Herms and Heather Breckel, and letterer Shawn Lee. In the issue, Belle is not only forced to face her past once again when she comes across a goodbye letter written by the old Mr. Tinker before he became Eggman again, but temporarily falls under the control of his evil alter ego when Dr. Eggman releases a beacon that forces his creations to travel to a mysterious city as he gathers a massive army for a future invasion. Along with causing Belle to lose her free will and head towards Eggman’s metropolis, the wave causes her to attack Sonic and Tails. As Sonic tries to keep her busy, Tails alters an earlier invention he made against the villainous group the Deadly Six that blocks Eggman’s waves and restores Belle’s free will.

Tails forcibly sets up his modified Zeti invention against the Deadly Six on Belle the Tinkerer in Sonic the Hedgehog 49.

What Tails first says to Belle after forcibly installing his repurposed genius prototype could serve as an ominous foreshadowing of what may befall him: “Are you… sure you’re okay?His uneasiness sets the stage for his invention to fail and Belle to once again fall under the control of Dr. Eggman. It has to happen, and not just because Belle, Sonic, and Tails are currently rushing to Villain Town. because it would force Belle to come to terms with the fact that her beloved creator is gone forever and replaced by a horrible person.Before this final issue, IDW Sonic oddly makes his clumsiness a major theme of his character development as opposed to his connection to Eggman and Mr. Tinker. Now Belle deals with the regret of not being able to protect Mr. Tinker as well as the sadness that he is gone.

Belle having to fight to retain her free will and ward off Eggman’s influence over her, much like Mr. Tinker tried and failed to do, would embellish this whole dynamic. Even better, Belle recently expressed her anger at Dr. Eggman for always pushing her. The fact that she gets pushed around again should ignite those feelings once again. It’s an exciting time for Sonic fans, especially those who find it hard to come to terms with IDW’s series over Archie Comics’ original comic book. Although the link impostor syndrome The mini-event that alternates between the main series is pretty good, the latter storyline has been suffering since the end of the Metal Virus. This latest development with Belle regarding her relationship with Dr. Eggman and Mr. Tinker brings new interest to the series, and I hope that momentum continues for the rest of sonic the hedgehog.

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Look for Sonic: The Hedgehog #49 available now from IDW!

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