Super Smash Bros Assist Trophies Worth Fighters

Starting with Brawl Super Smash Bros.assist trophies have been added as an item in the Super Smash Bros. series. Similar to Poke Balls, Assist Trophies summon a random character that will aid a player in battle. Often, assist trophies have acted as a way to represent characters or sets that aren’t playable fighters.

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However, many assist trophies throughout the Super Smash Bros. series made the transition from element to fighter. Little Mac and Isabelle are examples of this, appearing as playable in games after their first assist trophy appearance. With that in mind, these 10 assist trophies deserve their spot on the next one. Smash Bros. listing.


ten Shadow

The inclusion of Sonic the Hedgehog in Brawl Super Smash Bros. was a historic moment in video game history. The character was a longtime rival to Mario in the 90s, and third-party characters were new to Fight with the inclusion of Snake from Solid metal gear. However, there should definitely be room in the roster for Sonic’s own rival.

The shadow has appeared in many Sonic games since its debut in Sonic Adventure 2. He even had his own solo game in shadow the hedgehog. Rising from an Assist Trophy, Shadow could combine Sonic’s speed with more variety in his moveset, using Chaos Control and being armed with weapons to become a very unique fighter.

9 shovel knight

Shovel Knight is one of the first independent characters to appear in Super Smash Bros. and the first to be transformed into an Assist Trophy. His original game, shovel knightreminiscent of Metroidvania-style games, with some influence from mega man as well. As a playable character, Shovel Knight could inherit many aspects of Mega Man’s playstyle.

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One of these aspects is the use of power-ups. Like Mega Man, Shovel Knight gains new abilities with each level, which would make for perfect special moves. However, Shovel Knight’s standard attacks can differ from Mega Man’s by being closer, using his shovel to bury opponents rather than firing laser beams at them from afar.

8 Takamaru

Few casual Nintendo fans may be familiar with Takamaru, as the character originally appeared in the Japan-exclusive Famicom game. The mysterious Murasame Castle. In the The Legend of Zeldaresembling a game, Takamaru battles enemies with his katana, while using throwing knives and fireballs as additional attacks. However, the character could be quite a unique fighter.

As a playable fighter, Takamaru could be a unique sword fighter with his various abilities. He could also have a move closer to characters like Sheik or Ryu as opposed to Marth or Link. Maybe adding Takamaru could also boost popularity in a Murasame Castle reboot, which almost happened with a Nintendo Land mini game.

seven isaac

Isaac is the main protagonist of the golden sun series, which has been a dormant franchise for many years. Despite fan demand for a new Nintendo title, Isaac made several appearances as an assist trophy in the Super Smash Bros. series. As an assist trophy, Isaac uses his move ability, pushing his opponents across the stage.

However, the Isaac who appears in golden sun has many more abilities that would make him a unique fighter. In particular, the character is proficient in Earth-bound magic, which could make him one of the few fighters to use nature-bound attacks, alongside Ivysaur and Piranha Plant. It would definitely be more refreshing than another RPG swordsman.

6 Crystal

There are three playable fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate from star fox series: Fox, Falco and Wolf. For a series with an iconic place in Nintendo’s history, these three fighters function quite similarly to each other. A good complement to smash from star fox franchise with some variety would be Krystal, a recurring assist trophy.

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From its appearance in Star Fox Adventures, Krystal is playable in parts of the game, but has a very different movepool than Fox or even Wolf. In the game, she wields a staff and uses telepathy, which she later loses and is found by Fox early in the game. Krystal would be a valuable addition to the smash list with much-needed diversity.

5 bomber

Before being revealed as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Bomberman occupied a similar space in fans’ wish list to Pac-Man or Mega Man. The character is video game royalty and operates in smash in the same way as its original games. He places bombs around the stage, including remote control bombs, which often explode in a cross shape.

Bomberman was also added as a Mii Fighter costume in 2020, as one of the few Mii costumes that is also an assist trophy. However, in addition to smash seems inevitable, given Bomberman’s place in the game’s history. The only obstacle would be to give him a moveset with more variety than just planting bombs and detonating them.

4 Horny biker

Classic NES Bikers Excitebike have appeared as assist trophies in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but are absent in the next two titles. However, the original title remains one of Nintendo’s most iconic games and is even featured in games like Mario Kart 8. It’s possible that the simplistic nature of the game doesn’t lend itself well to a diverse moveset.

That being said, there have been plenty of modern reboots of the Excitebike franchise, with games like Excite the truck and Excite the robots. Maybe a Excitebike the fighter could incorporate aspects of those games into his moveset, or even take on games outside of the franchise such as Mach Rideranother common suggestion for a Smash Bros. character.

3 Tingling

For a series with as many unique characters as The Legend of Zeldait has very few playable fighters in Super Smash Bros.. The newest addition to the list was back in Fight, when Toon Link replaced Young Link, but that didn’t stop fans from wishing for new characters. An obvious choice is Tingle, which appeared as an assist trophy in Fight.

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For a singular Smash Bros. character, Tingle has plenty of inspiration to choose from. He can use the ball with which he flies Majora’s Mask, or items that appeared in spin-off titles featuring Tingle. Maybe if Tingle makes an appearance in the future Zelda game, he will have additional abilities that would inspire a Smash Bros. movepool.

2 Midna

In terms of Zelda characters already prepared for a unique Smash Bros. moveset, Midna takes the cake. The character assist trophy is simplistic, using their hair to grab and throw players across the stage. However, a playable version might stand out by having Midna ride Wolf Link, incorporating moves from Twilight Princess.

An interesting way to incorporate Wolf Link into Midna’s moveset would be to have one of her special moves summon her. Like many DLC characters, this could give Midna an intricate moveset that changes whether she has Wolf Link by her side or not. It would also be interesting to see more four-legged fighters in smash other than Ivysaur and Duck Hunt.

1 Waluigi

By far, one of the most requested assist trophies to turn into fighters is Waluigi. As a recurring character in the mario series, it’s surprising that Waluigi hasn’t become playable yet, especially since his counterpart Wario was introduced all the way back in Super Smash Bros Brawlalthough with movements inspired by the warioware Games.

Given Waluigi’s exclusivity for the spin-off mario titles such as Mario Kart Where mario party, Waluigi’s moveset could be a tribute to those games. He could summon a Dice Block with his up-special, or race in a kart with his side special. His attacks could also incorporate aspects of Mario-centric sports games, such as a golf club, tennis racket, or soccer ball.

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