We’re weeks away from receiving Summer Walker’s new album, but one fan was * so close * to a first listen. Summer teased the Nov. 5 release of her second studio effort Always on, and her fans are ready to help make this project another number 1 for the singer. She delivered the debut single from the album “Ex for a Reason” with City Girls star JT, and although initial reception of the collaboration was mixed, fans returned to social media to brag about the way the piece grew on them.

In addition to these social media conversations on Always on, there was a kind of competition organized for the fans. We previously reported a glass box containing a hard drive with Always on which was placed in two places on the city streets, and anyone who could break the glass could hear the project.

Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

“If you want the album now, it’s on my hard drive,” Summer said. “You break the deal, it’s up to you… If you can’t, then you have to wait for the album to drop.”

For days people lined up waiting for the chance to do a few swings. The competition failed, that is, until someone seems to have broken through. A video showing when the box was broken has gone viral and on it, a man identified as Summer’s security guard quickly steps in to seize the hard drive.

It is not known how the winner will receive the goods, but he would have gotten a coveted first listen. Check it out below and be sure to check out our article as well: Summer Walker’s “Still Over It”: Everything We Know.