Stop being arrogant towards Sabahan parties, says DAP

Kenny Chua

KOTA KINABALU (March 2): The DAP is accused of being a hypocrite for criticizing the expansion of the Warisan Sabah Party in the Malay Peninsula and its involvement in the Johor state elections.

Solidariti Tanahairku Party (STAR) Deputy Chairman Kenny Chua said this only showed that the DAP had thick Peninsular Malaysia supremacy syndrome.

He said the party seems to have forgotten how he came to Sabah and begged Sabahans to vote so they could claim some political power.

“Your KL party can come to Sabah and compete for the majority of Chinese seats as if you were the big brother. Now you are telling us that we Sabahans cannot expand our party in KL otherwise we disrupt the trend of voters.

“Stop being a hypocrite. If you say no Sabah party can come to the peninsula, then it’s fair to say you don’t have a place to sell your political brand in Sabah. Just stay in Peninsular Malaysia and to compete there.

“Let Sabah be under the control of the GRS government. And STAR will compete in a few Chinese seats,” he said.

He was commenting on a viral video showing a DAP leader describing the Warisan Sabah Party’s expansion into the Malay Peninsula as nothing more than to “kacau-kacau” (disturb) voters there.

Chua pointed out that only a few years ago the Chinese party tried to win the hearts of the indigenous communities in the interior of Sabah.

“No party in Sabah had accused them of ‘kacau-kacau’ in Sabah,” he said.

The DAP had relied heavily on the Lasimbang siblings to try to penetrate the indigenous territories of Sabah and offered to fight for the rights of the Orang Asal.

However, younger brother and former senator, Adrian, resigned from the party along with Sri Tanjung and Elopura MPs Justin Wong and Calvin Chong. Wong had cited lack of confidence in the state’s DAP leadership as the reason for their departure.

After losing all three, Sabah DAP appointed two of its elected representatives, Kota Kinabalu MP Chan Foong Hin and Kapayan MP Jannie Lasimbang, to its state committee.

Chan, who was the Sabah DAP’s former secretary, and Lasimbang, formerly its women’s leader, failed to win re-election as committee members in party polls last November.

“All signs show that the party is losing support in Sabah.

“So please stop being so arrogant towards the Sabahan parties. There is no place for peninsula supremacy syndrome in our state,” Chua said.

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