SpaceX CEO: McGregor Second Plant To Build Hundreds Of Rocket Engines A Year | Local News


McGregor’s mayor Jimmy Hering said he learned of Musk’s decision through Saturday’s tweets. He said SpaceX was a good neighbor and welcomed the economic benefits that would come from the new plant.

“We are extremely happy to have SpaceX in our community,” Hering said. “It gives us a sense of pride to know that any engine that SpaceX uses has gone through McGregor first. It makes us proud, and over the years, it has kind of put us on the map. a small town of 5,000 people and that kind of gave us a new identity. ”

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Hering said he expects the new facility to create hundreds of new “really good jobs,” although he said he was unsure of the specific numbers, how much SpaceX expected to pay. ‘invest in the new plant or total benefits for the city.

“It’s a very good thing for McGregor,” Hering said. “But not just for McGregor. It’s going to benefit Waco and the surrounding area, with new job opportunities, increased sales taxes, property taxes. I think the whole region is going to benefit.”

With the increase in rocket production, Hering expects an increase in the number of rumble tests that shake windows and disturb residents and pets in McGregor, Crawford, Waco and beyond.

Hering said SpaceX was reconfiguring its testing process for its next-generation Raptor engine by building a groundwater diverter that officials say will reduce noise from rocket tests. Construction of the new test site is expected to be completed this year and will move some of the testing from the vertical test bed that was there when SpaceX moved to a more horizontal testing process underground, he said.

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