Sonic the Hedgehog’s 5 anime, ranked


Sonic is an incredibly popular character who has gone from games to comics, cartoons, movies, and of course, these five cartoons.

1991 Sonic the hedgehog, has spawned a vast series of games. There are 2D platform games, 3D adventures, an underrated RPG, racing games, sports games and many more. Sonic has also had so many crossover appearances in other game series that he’s pretty much everywhere.

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Sonic’s appearances don’t stop at video games. Even considering only Western media, Sonic has starred in several comics, four cartoons, and now even has a popular movie theater that has ended up being one of the highest paying movies of 2020. And like Sonic is a Japanese game series, a total of 5 anime series, movies and short films (not including commercials) have been released by Japanese animation studios of different styles, lengths and qualities.

5 Sonic X (2003) gave fans three full seasons of Sonic

Sonic X. Baseball Eggman, Scouter Sonic, Tails and Cosmo

This anime has taken many canonical departures from the Sonic the hedgehog games but still managed to loosely adapt the stories of Sound Adventure, Sound Adventure 2, and Sonic Battle in an exciting and entertaining way. Sonic x featured many original characters including Chris Thorndike and Cosmo. Chris was Sonic’s human companion for most of the story and is still often cited by fans as the main reason for keeping the series from being somewhat boring for Chris. Cosmo, a plant-like maiden, was one of the most beloved original characters and a driving force behind the show’s third season. Cosmo was also Tails’ love interest, which is another deviation from the games.

Sonic x lacked the animation quality of later entries on this list, but it was a great anime for Sonic fans who were looking to spend a lot of time with the characters and see them interact in more ways than games can. usually provide it.

4 Sonic The Animation (1997) was a cross between Sonic and Animaniacs

Eggman, Metal Sonic, Knuckles, tails, SOnic Jam and Sonic the Animation

This short film was included in the compilation of the Sega Saturn game, Sonic jam. It featured no spoken dialogue and the events of the short film were set to classical music like “Morning Mood” and “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, as well as music by Sonic CD. The story was very straightforward and followed Dr. Eggman as he created a Sonic outfit that will allow him to ride through town on rocket skates while doing whatever he can to ruin Sonic’s reputation. The conflict in this short has never been resolved as it ends when Sonic realizes that Dr. Eggman has spent all day putting him down, then moves on to the text “TO BE CONTINUED”.

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The mixed 3D and 2D animation created an interesting style that suited the characters and was only enhanced by the expressive way in which Sonic and Dr. Eggman came to life. Dr. Eggman’s pajamas from this short film eventually made it into the 2018 Sonic Mania Adventures holiday special, corn Sonic animation has never been officially prosecuted.

3 Night Of The Werehog (2008) was a scary short film for fans of Sonic Unleashed

Sonic the Werehog from Unleashed and the Ghost, Lah.

The night of the were-pig Nor is it a direct adaptation of a Sonic game or an entirely original story. Instead of, The night of the were-pig is just a side story that took place at an unspecified point in time during the game, Unleashed decibells, and started when Sonic and Chip entered a haunted mansion to avoid a storm

During their short stay, they encountered two male ghosts, Su and Uh, who constantly try to impress a female ghost, Lah, by showing him photos of frightened visitors to the mansion. Ultimately, the ghosts couldn’t scare Sonic away, which led to a dynamic fight between the ghosts and Sonic’s Werehog form. This short was animated by Sega Visual Entertainment (now called Marza Animation Planet) and it can still be viewed online in two parts on the official SegaAmerica YouTube channel.

2 Sonic CD (1993) cutscenes set the tone for an exuberant time travel experience

Sonic CD images with metal sonic

This animation was created to be the introduction to Sonic CD and was hosted by Studio Junio ​​and Toei Animation. It only lasted about a minute and a half, but it was one of the most precise and energetic performances of Sonic the Hedgehog ever. The short video featured two songs, “Sonic Boom” for US release and “You Can Do Anything” for Europe and Japan. Both songs are well suited for animation and are each featured in Sonic the Hedgehog media to this day.

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The account of this animation itself implied that Sonic was quickly heading towards a floating planet, Little Planet, which was chained to the ground. Sonic crossed plains, lakes and jumped over falling rocks to climb a perilous mountain range. Sonic even ran around a loop of naturally formed tree trunks in faithful reference to the recurring Shuttle-Loops from his games. The animation ended with Sonic pulling up the chain that tied Little Planet to the ground. Even for Sonic fans who haven’t played Sonic CD, this animation turned out to be captivating and memorable. As a reward for beating Sonic CD, there is also a short animation of Sonic and Amy returning from Little Planet as Dr. Eggman tries to escape.

1 Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie (1999) remains Sonic’s greatest anime to date

Sonic the hedgehog the movie.  Punches with his hat.

This film was originally released as an original two-part video animation in Japan, but was shown in the United States as a single film on VHS. Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie was hosted by Studio Pierrot, which also hosted Urusei yatsura, Naruto, Bleach, and even episodes of The legend of Korra.

This film featured an original story set in a strange version of the world of Sonic where all civilized life seemed to live on islands that float in the clouds above post-apocalyptic cities. Like video games, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles rally against Dr. Eggman’s plot for world domination, but unlike games, Eggman tried to marry a catgirl and Knuckles wore a really nice hat. An escape scene included Sonic’s climatic and extended battle with Metal Sonic in an icy tundra as Metal began to assimilate Sonic’s skills and personality. Sadly, this movie is hard to find and has not been officially available in America since its 2004 DVD re-release.

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