Sonic The Hedgehog’s 10 Closest Friends, Ranked

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the world’s most famous video game characters, renowned for his incredible character design and love of freedom. However, his friends from various walks of life Sonic the media received so much appreciation from her fan base.

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Throughout the Sonic games, comics, and TV shows, characters like Tails, Knuckles, and Amy have proven to be some of Blue Blur’s closest comrades. Although they tend to be overlooked these days, fans still recognize Sonic’s friends as important characters in the franchise who helped Sonic through some of his toughest battles.

ten Caliburn and Sonic had a strong teacher-student relationship

Sonic and Caliburn’s growing student-teacher relationship was one of Sonic and the Dark Knightstory highlights. They argued a lot in a comical way, without respecting the other. However, they fought together and came to enjoy each other’s company.

Sonic recognized Caliburn as a great and holy sword, and Caliburn recognized Sonic as a true knight, even calling Sonic, “Sir Sonic, Knight of the Wind”. Sonic and Caliburn’s feuds ceased, and they fought together as a team until the very end, each showing their strong will as a knight.

9 Manic and Sonia are Sonic’s siblings

In Sonic Underground, Manic and Sonia are Sonic’s siblings. All three were separated as babies after Dr. Robotnik took over Mobotropolis. When Sonic, Manic, and Sonia reunited, they vowed to find their mother, Queen Aleena, and defeat Dr. Robotnik.

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Although they met as teenagers, Sonic, Manic and Sonia quickly developed a bond. They learned to work together and formed a music group, frequently singing songs together. Although Sonic Underground ended before they could defeat Dr. Robotnik, the series made it clear that all three siblings loved each other.

8 Shahra gave her life for Sonic

In Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic met a genie named Shahra, known as the Genie of the Ring. She became Sonic’s personal genius and asked for his help in defeating Erazor Djinn. During the game, Sonic and Shahra bonded, with the former promising to make Shahra smile at the end of their journey.

Sonic discovered that Shahra was using him, but he could still tell his heart was good. Sonic was tragically correct when Shahra died to save him from Erazor Djinn. Sonic brought Shahra back to life, and they parted on good terms, with Sonic happily keeping his promise to her.

seven Sonic helped Elise feel free

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic befriended Princess Elise. Elise felt trapped in her inner turmoil and her duties as a princess, but when she spent time with Sonic, she found she could release some of her pent up emotions and finally feel a sense of freedom.

Although their time together was short-lived, Sonic and Elise had to face some of the toughest odds together, including literal death and resurrection. At the end of the game, they had to reset the timeline, meaning things would be as if they never met. However, the game implied that they still had memories of their time together and still treasured their friendship.

6 Chris Thorndyke has become Sonic’s closest human friend

In sonic x, Chris Thorndyke has established himself as an important part of Sonic’s life after saving the hedgehog from drowning. Through sonic x, Chris helped Sonic and his friends, giving them a new home and a new family. Sonic and Chris formed a close friendship and both cried when they had to be separated.

Although Chris sometimes annoyed fans, he turned out to be an interesting addition to the series. Years later, he became more adept with technology and helped Sonic and his friends take on the Metarex. When Chris had to leave Sonic’s world, Sonic made sure they could say goodbye.

5 Knuckles is a Knucklehead but a trusted friend

Sonic and Knuckles had a rough start, but they became close comrades. Initially, Knuckles was misled into thinking Sonic was his enemy and fought the Blue Blur. When he learned that Sonic was good, Knuckles entrusted him with saving his island, and they left on good terms.

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Although the pair still clash, they have worked together on numerous occasions. Despite their arguments, they make a great team and support each other. Knuckles may not be Sonic’s closest friend, but he is one of Sonic’s most important comrades.

4 Freedom Fighters Are Practically Sonic’s Family

In Sat AM and Archie Sonic comics, after Dr. Robotnik took over Mobotropolis, Sonic became a member of a ragtag team known as the Freedom Fighters. Bringing together various characters, the Freedom Fighters who have sworn to defeat Dr. Robotnik and take back Mobotropolis.

Over the years, Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters have become very close. They worked well together, getting to know each other’s skills and weaknesses. Sonic came to regard the Freedom Fighters as some of his closest friends. To this day, fans still want the main Freedom Fighters back, considering them some of the most important people in Sonic history.

3 Sonic loved Amy back in Sonic X

In video games, despite having a huge crush on him, Sonic has shown little interest in Amy Rose as a girlfriend. However, there were times when Sonic revealed he cared more about Amy than he was letting on. In the case of sonic xthis aspect of their relationship has been taken to the next level.

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In the sonic x continuity, Sonic gradually showed much more interest in Amy Rose. They devoted many moments to their growing relationship, their bond gradually heading towards romance. Although the Japanese and English versions of sonic x keep it vague, this implies that these versions of Sonic and Amy eventually became a couple.

2 Sally is a trusted girlfriend and childhood friend

In Sat AM and Archie Sonic comics, Sally Acorn is Sonic’s childhood best friend and primary love interest, even marrying him in alternate futures. Together, Sonic and Sally fought against the tyranny of Dr. Robotnik, and although they often argued, the trust and chemistry between the two heroes was strong.

Sonic and Sally’s friendship blossomed into romance, and it became harder for fans to deny the couple’s love for each other. Despite their infamous relationship issues, Sonic and Sally rekindled their romance, only for it to be terminated.

1 Tails has been around since Sonic 2

Of all of Sonic’s friends, Miles “Tails” Prower has been with Sonic the longest. First appeared in the Game Gear version of Sonic 2, fans saw how close Sonic and Tails were, and the game’s good ending symbolized their friendship across the stars. Since then, Tails has continued to help Sonic, even saving the latter’s life.

Sonic inspired Tails to become stronger, and if Sonic were to perish, he would trust Tails to save the day. Of Sonic’s friends, Tails has appeared with Sonic the most in alternate continuities like The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the Sonic OVA. Sonic and Tails’ friendship has become one of Sonic the franchise’s most iconic elements, and the pair have become as close as brothers.

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