Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 returns to Xbox (but not for everyone)

Sega has mysteriously relisted its 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog on the Xbox 360 store, making the platformer available only on its original platform.

Sega’s infamous 2006 sonic the hedgehog video game is back on the Xbox Store. The platformer is well known for its many glitches, unstable camera, confusing plot, and overall unfinished impression. The game was considered such a disappointment that it tarnished the franchise’s reputation, making Sonic a hated character.

Despite the poor reception of the game, sonic ’06 acquired an interesting heritage over the years. The game has been the subject of several popular “let’s plays” and video game walkthroughs. Even publisher Sega has embraced the game’s infamy by making sonic ’06 the butt of jokes via the official Sonic Twitter. Additionally, the title introduced characters who have since made appearances in other games, including Sonic’s friend/rival Silver the Hedgehog. Most notably, some even see the poor reception of Sonic the Hedgehog from 2006 as a catalyst for Sonic development team changing the general direction of games in the franchise.


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For no clear reason, Sega relisted the 2006 sonic the hedgehog back on the Xbox Store. However, unlike Sonic’s best games, sonic ’06 will not be available on Xbox X/S. As reported by Xbox Advisorthe platformer has mysteriously returned to the Xbox 360 store, making it only available to play on its original platform. sonic the hedgehog joins other games from this era, including Sonic Adventure 2 and 2008 raging decibells. Xbox Advisor suggests Sega could gradually reestablish a back catalog of games, especially as the franchise’s retro collection Sound origins launches next month. Currently, Sega has yet to comment on its reasoning for relisting sonic ’06but hopefully more details will be available soon.

A cutscene from Sonic 2006, with Princess Elise kissing Sonic as Knuckles looks on in the background.

Despite the troubles with sonic ’06, there are still many dedicated Sonic fans, and some may even enjoy the game terrible mechanics and gameplay. In fact, several of those fans have taken the time to develop a remake of the notoriously glitchy game, releasing demos over the past two years for other gamers to try out. It is also possible past Sonic games are making a comeback due to the recent success of the Sonic live-action films, which brought distant fans back to the series.

While it’s likely that the game’s mechanics and overall gameplay haven’t changed despite its return to the Xbox Store, those looking to relive the notoriously poor sonic the hedgehog experience can now find the graphics outdated and the glitches endearing instead of frustrating. For that reason, it might be worth checking out, even if it’s just for nostalgia.

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Source: Xbox Advisor

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