‘Sonic Frontiers’ will bring back Big the Cat and his fishing mini-game

The next sound borders will include an iconic feature of Sonic Adventureand this is not the return of the Chao Garden.

The fishing mini-game has been debuting for over 20 years since 1998 Sonic Adventure. The news came from game informantthe game’s exclusive cover story, and was spotted by Twitter user “regularpanties” (Going through PCGamesN).

The story mentions that Big the Cat was spotted through one of the game’s Cyber ​​Space portals, which transport Sonic to a smaller linear stage separate from the sprawling open areas. As fans know, Big the Cat was the one players controlled during one of the The Sonic Adventure campaigns where the big purple cat participated in fishing.

Fish in Borders rewards the player with Tokens, which “can purchase various items like Portal Gear Fragments, Voice Logs, Vault Keys, or even Sequence Items like Amy’s Heart Collectibles”. It should be noted that players must spit purple coins that can be found in the world for Big if they want to fish more.

Although there is no set release date for sound borders, the game is slated for release in 2022 on all platforms. In NME overview of the game, it is rated “clumsy, but full of ideas”.

The preview ends with the following sentiment: “I left the demo wanting to play more and see what the world and story has to offer. The concept and the ambition are there – time will tell if the mechanics receive enough polish to make it a franchise staple.

Sonic borders. Credit: Sega

Recently, executive producer on sound borders Takahashi Iiuzuka said the game is the “next step for the next ten years” of the franchise. “We hope the fans believe in us and appreciate what we show them. We can’t wait for them to play it and really understand what it’s all about.

In other news, Sonic and the Fallen Star is a full 2D fan game inspired by Sonic Mania.

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