Sonic fans suspect new game is taking place in adventure universe


Do we finally have another adventure game, or are we reaching (for the stars)?

Well, it had to happen. The trailers aren’t much more cryptic than the announcement of the upcoming Sonic game, and in the absence of anything concrete, fans will fill in the gaps.

The thing on every fan’s mind right now is what this symbol means. In the way it’s presented in the trailer, it looks like once we crack this code, we’ll uncover the secrets of the upcoming 3D Sonic title. There is no shortage of guesses, but this latest theory could be good news for fans of the Sonic Adventure games.

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Two Redditors shared their theory with fans, pointing out that they believe the symbol refers to the layout of Mystic Ruins – an iconic location from the first Sonic Adventure.

In the trailer, the symbol is formed from how far Sonic has come. As you can see from the post above, this path fits perfectly into the Mystic Ruin map. In addition to this, the environment is no different from that of the mystical ruins, especially when it comes to ancient symbolism. One of the landmarks in the original mystical ruins is the ancient echidna architecture, with its own symbols. If the next Sonic game is to include some ancient magic, that certainly doesn’t rule out that it takes place in the world of Sonic Adventure.

The original post made in r / Sega seems to have convinced fans, and eagerly awaits the first new Adventure game since 2001. The r / SonicTheHedgehog commentators were much less convinced, however, believing that it was simply a wish. pious. They point out that loop running isn’t a new activity for Blue Blur, and that if it was indeed an adventure game, Sega probably would have revealed it by now.

Luckily for fans, there is already quite a bit of information out there about the latest Sonic game in circulation – but not on official channels. As soon as Sega released the trailer, fans noticed that it looked strikingly like last year’s leaks, in which several people claimed to have tested an open-world RPG Sonic title. If the leaks are correct, we can expect to fight waves of enemies in a mystical setting and for the game to be called Sonic Rangers.

The new Sonic game is slated for release in 2022 and will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / C, Switch, and PC.

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