Sonic Becoming King and Dad Led to a Depressing Midlife Crisis

Then, the “Mobius: 25 Years Later” series from lead comic book writer Ken Penders explored Sonic the Hedgehog‘s life as king and father in a depressing way.

A special event in Archie Comics, now discontinued sonic the hedgehog The series transported readers 25 years into the future where Sonic reigned as king and even had his own family. But this version of Sonic suffered from a midlife crisis that showed the hedgehog in a whole different light than ever.

Although the fastest thing in the world, Sonic has always been the stereotypical teenage hero. He’s got a hell of an attitude, doesn’t follow orders too well, is terribly impatient, and most importantly, has a lot to do to grow. While it’s a useful power, Sonic’s super speed doesn’t exactly make him a great person. Even though fans knew he would indeed grow up one day, they always assumed he wouldn’t change that much.


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But then lead comic book writer Ken Penders introduced “Mobius: 25 Years Later,” a special event that appeared as a side story in issues #136-144, an effort that also featured the talents of the cartoonist Steven Butler, inker Jim Amash, letterer John E. Workman and colorist Jason Jensen. In “25 Years Later”, Sonic is portrayed as a typical adult who would rather stay home than visit his friends, often suggesting various excuses for him not to attend such get-togethers – even with his best friend Tails. at many times. Also, Sonic seems to be having some sort of midlife crisis. Not only does his reactions to the current challenges cause Knuckles to literally ask Sonic what happened to him, but Sonic explains to his wife, now Queen Sally, how he just doesn’t make it as king and prefers to go away. adventure. Although he denies his wife’s accusation that he no longer wants to be a father, Sonic’s subsequent actions appear to prove otherwise as he risks seeing his children and wife living a life without a husband or father, all for that he can save the day once. again.

Queen Sally recounts how her husband, King Sonic the Hedgehog, didn't see Tails when he moved into Ken Penders' Mobius: 25 Years Later.

While these are pretty disturbing developments, Sonic’s actions throughout the series’ normal timeline suggest they shouldn’t come as a surprise. After becoming Sally’s royal consort, the Blue Blur expresses doubts about becoming king and eventually Sonic sabotages his relationship with Sally because he couldn’t tell being with her was more important than fighting Robotnik. . After all, he had warned Sally that he doubted he would ever acclimatize to royal life. Then, much later in issue #200, Sonic experiences existential funk after Sonic literally smashes Robotnik’s spirit. All Sonic cares about is that he never imagined victory the way it was. After such events, is it so far-fetched to think that Sonic would later have doubts about being king or that he would suffer a midlife crisis in the future? As for Sonic not connecting to Tails, lead writer Ken Penders said Screen Rant that by writing the story, he was imitating what happens in real life. “When we grow up, we go through things like college or the military. Your friends get married, you get married and you notice that you are not spending time with those friends but with the family you are building. That’s where my thoughts were,” he said. “It wasn’t that Sonic and Tails‘ relationship was so terrible that they broke up because that was the natural order of things.

After Penders left the Sonic series, Archie Comics concluded the story with him embracing his future as king and having more children with his former girlfriend and now wife Queen Sally. But it’s still key to note that when he was initially faced with the choice of staying with his family or going on an adventure, Sonic’s midlife crisis was so deep that he initially chose this. latest. This does not only sonic the hedgehog a more flawed character and adult, but it proves that even the fastest thing alive isn’t immune to the struggles of adulthood.

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