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Sonic Adventure 2 is widely regarded as the best 3D Sonic game out there, but hopefully unnamed Sonic 2022 can learn from its successes and failures.

Today’s stream celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary announced all kinds of new Sonic content. From next Sonic Colors: Ultimate, including Sonic the fighters in the recently announced Lost judgment, it’s clear that SEGA wants to release a lot of Sonic content this year. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the stream, however, was the teaser for Sonic Team’s upcoming project. While nothing has been officially announced yet, many fans are hoping that the untitled Sonic 2022 is in fact Sonic Adventure 3.

the Sonic adventure fans fondly remember the series, but most others Sonic games set in 3D environments don’t get the same love. Through the ups and downs of recent Sonic games, a lot of people have asked for the series to come back with Sonic Adventure 3, and Sonic 2022 maybe just that. Yes Sonic 2022 is going to be the long awaited return of Sonic adventure, then we will have to learn from the previous 3D Sonic games, but especially Sonic Adventure 2.

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While the two Sonic adventure games are considered the best in 3D Sonic, Sonic Adventure 2 is often considered the top game because it cut a lot of the fat off the original and capitalized on what made it great. Sonic Adventure 2 had three main scene types: Sonic / Shadow levels which emphasize speed and platform, Tails / Eggman levels which consist of the characters piloting mech suits making their way through each stage, and Knuckles / Red levels which focus on finding the emerald master pieces hidden throughout the level.

The Momentum of Sonic Adventure 2

The game had a really good sense of momentum for each character while also making them move and feel different. It’s clear that a lot of time has been spent on how each type of character moves with each step and it shows. Of course, some of the age of the game shows up with some of the platforming elements, but when the movement works in harmony with the level design, Sonic Adventure 2 flies.

Yes Sonic 2022 were to include stages where the player takes control of characters other than Sonic, they should feel different from him to be in control while having their own unique and refined movement systems. The absence of this thoughtful method of incorporating movement may partly explain why other Sonic games featuring different playable characters are not as well received by audiences.

Inconsistent quality level

As with all video games, some levels are simply better than others and Sonic Adventure 2 is no exception. The game has a very strong first act with the Light and Dark story modes in terms of level design, but once the game heads to Egypt the quality of the level starts to drop. Things get more claustrophobic as levels start to be set inside pyramids and space stations, as opposed to highways and jungles, hampering the abilities of all characters.

There is a disconnect between what makes each character fun to play and the level design. It’s hard to go fast like Sonic or Shadow if seeing what lies ahead is constantly obscured. Navigating in tight spaces like Knuckles in Egypt doesn’t control particularly well and renders his flying abilities useless.

Sonic 2022 must be careful with their level design and make sure that each level matches their character’s abilities. The best levels of Sonic Adventure 2, Like City Escape, Pumpkin Hill, and Iron Gate, each game element works together between level design, character’s individual abilities, and momentum. These are levels like the ones that are remembered due to Sonic Team’s willingness to explore what makes each character fun to play. Yes Sonic 2022 can do that too, then it will be an instant hit and recoup some of the credit the franchise has lost over the years.

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The Chao Gardens

Sonic Adventure 2 Chao

When we talk about the strengths of Sonic Adventure 2, it would be impossible not to mention the Chao Gardens. Caring for and raising chaos is one of the best parts of Sonic Adventure 2 as it serves as a much needed break from the high speed levels which make up the majority of the game. Caring for a cute character is something that most people can fit into any game. What makes the Chao special is that it gets stronger when the characters bring them items to defeat enemies in the regular levels. This gives players a good reason to review their favorite levels and then take a break to increase their Chao.

Sonic 2022 doesn’t necessarily need to recreate Chao’s Gardens, but including something like the Chao would help the pace of the game. The Chaos are a fan favorite of the series, so their return wouldn’t go badly. In fact, many people might be drawn to the game due to the inclusion of a Chao Garden alone.

Takeaways for Sonic 2022

Smash Bros.

As stated above, Sonic Adventure 2 took a look at what wasn’t working in the original and cut it, all the while fine-tuning the things that made it great. Yes Sonic 2022 done that too, Sonic Team might have something special on their hands. There are a lot of other gripes people have with Sonic Adventure 2, but the most important revolve around what the game actually looks like. It does great at some levels but fails at others, so if Sonic 2022 is designed with each of its characters in mind, it can remind fans what makes the series good in the first place.

Although not created by Sonic Team, Sonic mania is a great example of what can be accomplished by looking back at what makes Sonic so fun and satisfying to play. In Sonic maniathe case he watched the original 2D Sonic games, and hopefully in Sonic 2022In the case of Sonic, the Sonic team will be looking at the original 3D Sonic Games.

Sonic 2022 is currently in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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