Sega’s Hardlight Studio is working on a new platform game

A job posting from Hardlight Studio reveals that the video game developer is working on a new platform game that could be connected to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sega's Hardlight Studio is working on a new platform game

Hardlight Studio is a UK based video game developer with an impressive CV. Property of SEGA and being part of 5 studios under Sega Europe, he has played an essential role in the development of various projects related to the gaming juggernaut, such as the Sonic the hedgehog and Crazy Taxi series. However, the company has also worked on more unusual titles, such as the business simulation called Two-point hospital. Recently, new details have been uncovered revealing the developer’s next project.


In a job posting, it was revealed that SEGA-owned Hardlight Studio had started work on a new game. According to the job description, the developer is looking for a designer to work on a new platform game. The company is looking for a potential employee to work full time, the ideal candidate to start the job as soon as possible. With that in mind, it looks like production on this new project appears to be picking up steam.

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Besides knowing that it is a platform game, the details surrounding the title in development are unclear. However, the story of Hardlight Studio does provide some clues as to what the project could be like. For example, many of the games released by the studio have been developed for mobile platforms, which means there is a reasonable chance that this new platform game will be made for smartphones.

Studio Hardlight

In addition, it is possible that the project is a Sonic the hedgehog Game. Over the years the studio has worked on a number of different titles with the blue blur, such as the vertical platform game Sonic Leap, the endless runner sonic dashboard, and the arcade racer Sonic race. Nonetheless, this is only speculation as the studio has yet to confirm these details regarding the game.

This is not the only news about SEGA. In addition to this new platform game developed by Hardlight Studios, new sequences for Sonic borders was unveiled a few weeks ago at the Game Awards. As the first 3D main game of the Sonic the hedgehog series since Sonic forces In 2017, SEGA is looking to take the franchise in a new direction, teasing open-world design. Additionally, the game’s recent trailer revealed that it will release during the holiday season of 2022.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this new project developed by Hardlight. Maybe the project will be a new one Sonic the hedgehog title, giving fans of the Blue Blur yet another reason to be excited about the future. Or maybe it’ll be something brand new for the studio and SEGA. It looks like players will have to wait until more information about the project is released.

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