SB Nation Reacts: Would you like the Rockets to trade for Donovan Mitchell?

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We had a lot of domestic playoff-related questions this week before we got to Donovan Mitchell’s results, so let’s get to it.

First, we asked our national voters which second-round game they thought would be the most entertaining. Here is what you said:

I think voters nailed that one.

Next, we asked our voters across the league to predict the winners of each series.

These are all pretty clear results. Not that I necessarily disagree, but with Joel Embiid back and the 76ers showing signs of life last night, this series could get really interesting very quickly.

Finally, we asked our national voters who they think was the most impressive player in the first round of the playoffs.

And now for the main event. We asked our Rockets fans if they were okay with Houston trading for Donovan Mitchell. There is drama with the Utah Jazz, with Rudy Gobert and Mitchell seemingly not wanting to play together anymore. One of them is likely to be available, and we’ll be asking you about both guys. The first is Mitchell.

I’m not particularly shocked by this result, especially after reading the comments in the voting article.

We’ll be back next week to ask you about Rudy Gobert, so be sure to come back and vote for that one!

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