Russia to develop parachute system for recoverable space rocket stages


MOSCOW, July 9. / TASS /. Russian space company Roscosmos intends to place an order for R&D work on creating a parachute system for reusable space rocket stages. Technodinamika Group (which is part of state-owned technology company Rotec) will undertake the effort, Technodinamika CEO Igor Nasenkov said on Friday.

“Literally a month ago, we received a preliminary order from Roscosmos for the development of the technical specifications of a parachute system that can return reusable rocket stages. We are starting the R&D work this year,” said the director. general.

There is no fixed timeline for the creation of the parachute system so far, he added.

Russia is currently developing a new reusable Amur methane rocket system.

Russian space company Roscosmos and Progress Space Rocket Center signed a contract in October last year to design a space rocket system with the reusable Amur rocket first stage fueled by methane. It will be able to carry up to 10.5 tonnes of payload in a low orbit near Earth, compared to 8.5 tonnes carried by Soyuz-2 rockets.

Reusable space rocket stages are a major trend in modern rocket engineering. Today, the reusable stages are part of SpaceX’s Falcon rockets and Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicles in the United States. Reusable rocket systems are also under development in China and Europe.

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