Rockets rookie Jabari Smith Jr. considers himself the caliber of the All-Defensive team ‘from day one’

In a new 2022 NBA Summer League Las Vegas interview with Launderer’s reportHouston Rockets forward Taylor Rooks Jabari Smith Jr. isn’t holding back when it comes to goals in his freshman year.

“I have a lot of time to prepare and a lot of time to strengthen my body,” Smith told Rooks on Tuesday. “I have plenty of time to mature and learn more about this game. As this season begins, I feel like I should be All-Defensive team caliber, from day one.

Elsewhere in the interview, Rooks asked what he thought Smith stood for for other NBA players. Smith replied:

A bad dream. A nightmare. I’m not the fastest, but if you pass me, I’m 6-10, so you’re going to have to finish. You’re going to have to find something to do with it.

And I have good feet, so it’s tough. When I get stronger and even faster, it’s going to be even scarier. I’m excited.

Smith then discussed various topics with Rooks, including his unexpected draft-day slide to the Rockets at No. 3 in the first round and his views on Paolo Banchero of Orlando and Chet Holmgren of Oklahoma City – who were the only players drafted ahead of him.

Scroll through Smith’s video clips covering these topics and more.



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