Rockets over / under on season wins stands at 26.5


Yesterday Conrad spoke a little bit about the kind of expectations we should have for the Houston Rockets this season. They’ll bring in four new draft picks in a roster that already includes a lot of young guys, and the team’s veterans might not even be on the team all season.

With all of that in mind, the betting sites have posted their over / under on the Rockets’ predicted winning tally for the season, and they all seem to agree that Houston’s over / under is 26. , 5.

Houston also has a +1800 / -5000 playoff chance, which translates to a 98% chance of staying home in the playoffs, according to

Personally, I think that with the new play-in format, the odds are a bit higher than the Rockets’ of making the playoffs, so there’s a chance it’ll be a lucrative game for one of them. ‘between you. Bet $ 100, and if Houston makes the playoffs, that’s a payout of $ 1,800. But I agree that they are still far away overall, but maybe not as high as the odds suggest.

The over / under is also an interesting game. Personally, I think Houston is going to finish somewhere around 30-52 this season. I realize that it might be beneficial from a 2022 NBA Draft standpoint to lead another season, but with so many youngsters on the roster, I think it’s more important to focus on winning that much. as possible. Houston general manager Rafael Stone can still use some of his picks to progress, much like he did for Alperen Sengun in this year’s draft. Work on building winning habits, this should be the top priority.

Remember, Houston was playing pretty well last season at one point, until the bottom fell with injuries. They might not be as bad as some expect this season.

Either way, you can take advantage of all odds on both and


If you dropped dough on the Rockets, would you bet more or less on 26.5 wins?

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