Rockets Notes: Loss Streak, Gordon, Silas, Mur

Frustration in Houston has increased in recent times, with the Rockets‘losing streak reaching 15 games, as Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle writes. The Rockets didn’t enter the season hoping to make the playoffs, but the goal was to be more competitive than they have been so far – the team has the worst record in the game. NBA 1-16.

The Head Coach Stephane Silas wants his club to hold their heads up high, telling reporters that when the Rockets finally end this slide and look back at it, they’ll see the character they built by fighting to end the streak.

“We have 19-year-olds on the floor”, Silas said, by Feigen. “We have a 21-year-old young leader (Kevin Porter Jr.) We have a second year player (Jae’Sean Tate) playing all three. Christian wood is still a young player. We are looking at other teams that have been there and we stay positive. And we keep the pressure on to coach the guys and make sure we at least try to do the right things as much as possible.

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  • Eric Gordon started the season as the Rockets’ sixth man, but has started the last three games. As Feigen writes for The Houston Chronicle, the head coach Stephane SilasHope playing alongside Gordon will make it easier for newbies Green jalen to create the dribble. “Being there with Eric helps because Eric is a vet and he knows what he’s trying to do and what he’s trying to achieve.” Silas said of Green.
  • Both The Houston Chronicle’s Feigen and The Athletic’s Kelly Iko both recently released mailbags examining several Rockets-related topics, including the patience the team will have with Silas. Feigen suggests Houston should give Silas ‘a leash that lasts for years, not weeks’, while Iko says he remains confident the team’s current coach can be the one to successfully lead the multi-year rebuild .
  • veteran leader Jean Wall, who is kept out of games until the Rockets can find a business partner, can get a little hectic. As NBC Sports’ Dan Feldman notes, Wall agreed Monday night with a tweet saying he’s “punishing himself for something (that he) can’t control.”

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