Rockets’ Eric Gordon to resume back-to-back sets

CHICAGO – The timing is a nice coincidence, but Eric Gordon’s plan was not to start playing both games back-to-back as soon as the second game of those sets was due to be in his hometown. It will just work that way.

Gordon has said he will play both back-to-back Rockets games this week, Wednesday in Milwaukee and Thursday in Indianapolis, which will be the first time he plays back-to-back nights this season. When discussing the change in his routine, he left no room for doubt.

“I play both games,” Gordon said. “I’m really looking forward to this. I’m definitely playing this next back-to-back for sure.

This will allow him to spend Christmas Eve on the floor rather than on the bench when the Rockets take on the Pacers in front of family and friends who couldn’t be there last season when the Rockets played in Indianapolis amid COVID restrictions. .

Gordon, however, said the change was not to replay at home in Indiana. (He missed last week’s first straight game against the Cavaliers and Knicks and could have taken time off this week against the Bucks to play against the Pacers in Indianapolis.) Not to help celebrate his 33rd birthday. at Christmas.

“That was the plan a long time ago,” Gordon said. “I feel pretty good all year round. That was definitely the plan before the start of the season. But I will be looking forward to playing back to back.

His importance to the Rockets has become clear. They lost the five games Gordon missed. His 48.7% shooting this season is the best of his career with 44.5% shooting from 3 points, the second best in his 14 NBA seasons.

That makes his ability to play back-to-back games, with eight more sets this season after this week, especially valuable for the Rockets.

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