Quake: Why Trent Reznor’s Soundtrack Was Groundbreaking


Quake’s soundtrack was unlike anything before it, even receiving a vinyl release in 2020. Here’s why Trent Reznor’s work is so important.

The earthquake The franchise made a triumphant return with a Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass release, as well as a surprise remaster of the original 1996 hit. earthquake better than ever, but one of its most beloved aspects has nothing to do with the lore or the gameplay of the series. The soundtrack, composed by renowned Nine Inch Nails’s Trent Reznor, is what helped earthquake come out.

Video game music has come a long way from the era of eight-bit tunes in arcade or classic games. Tetris theme. Even in the early 1990s, video game music was often just symbolic background melodies and nothing more. Reznor pushed the envelope with earthquake, proving the true potential of video game soundtracks. The soundtrack is still current and can be purchased independently of earthquake himself.

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The revolutionary Quake soundtrack

Reznor, an id Software fan LOSS, gladly helped the developer create the soundtrack for his new game. He chose to create a soundtrack that worked less like a melody and more like an extra layer of atmosphere, approaching it as something to be experienced instead. than just listening. earthquakeThe soundtrack contains few notable melodies, instead blending into the dark and spooky tone of the game and adding an emotional impact that enhances the gothic overtones of the game. This contrasted sharply with the rhythmic, arcade-style and melodic music of others. games, opening up new avenues for video game scores.

The sullen and serious tone of earthquakeOST has helped prove that video games aren’t just for kids. As a recent review noted, earthquake made it clear that games can have mature, sophisticated tones and gameplay geared towards adults. In this direction, earthquakeThe OST of is R-rated despite the lack of any suggestive lyrics or themes. It also proved that a game can have a radically unique soundtrack and sound style perfectly suited to the content and tone of the game, rather than generic eight-bit loop tracks that could be incorporated into any game. .

In a sense, LOSS and DOOM II did so with their hard rock inspired soundtracks and sullen tones, but earthquake‘s OST took it all to the next level. So the game stood out for the tone and not just for the gameplay itself. Some fans might agree that earthquakeThe OST was more revolutionary than its multiplayer and 3D environments. earthquake was not just an adventure; it was art.

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Find the soundtrack of Quake from Nine Inch Nails

The original earthquake The OST was placed directly on the game discs when the game was new, and the soundtrack played as intended when the CD-ROM was inserted into a PC. It worked well for the time. However, when earthquake released on Steam, nostalgic fans were disappointed that the soundtrack was missing.

For years, earthquakeThe historic soundtrack was only available on the original game disc, which would have compatibility issues with a contemporary PC. However, in 2020, Trent Reznor helped bring his OST back in vinyl form, releasing it as a commercial product for the first time. The Nine Inch Nails store store the remastered earthquake OST on 180 gram vinyl.

Fortunately, the 2021 earthquake remaster includes the original OST, which means new and old players can have the full earthquake to live. earthquakeThe soundtrack is more than just background music, and even the gameplay itself hints at the importance of music. The games have nail-based ammo pickups that clearly feature the Nine Inch Nail logo – without the soundtrack in place, that logo falls flat.

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