Police should create an atmosphere of security where no one needs personal safety: Assam CM


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Monday that police are expected to create an atmosphere of security in the state over the next 2-3 years where ideally no one needs an officer Personal Security System (PSO).

Inaugurating the Second All-District Police Superintendents (SP) Conference held at Oil India Headquarters in Duliajan in Dibrugarh District, Himanta Biswa Sarma said that if the law and order situation is good, then why is it necessary to assign PSOs to certain people. Giving PSO to an individual means it’s a police failure, he said.

“We have to change it. We should create an atmosphere of security in our state where ideally no one needs the PSO. The Assam Police must get out of the notion if a Superintendent of Police (SP) gives an individual PSO, in my opinion that is an admission of failure. Recently I chatted with some SPs and asked them why you gave SPOs and they told me that there had been incidents and there were still threats. Why not have mitigated the threat. The incident happened seven years ago and you have failed to identify the culprit. You failed to neutralize the situation. Giving PSO to an individual means it is a police failure, ”Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

“I am gheraoed by the police when I visit a place. But I need a Police Commissioner (SP) who will tell sir you just go like that to my neighborhood, there is absolutely no problem, you can walk around without security. By deploying 12 to 15 security personnel in front of me if you are trying to protect the life of the Chief Minister, it is admitting that there is a threat in your district, ”he added.

“The whole world has changed. Now VIPs don’t like security that way. I will feel privileged if I can visit a place in an unsafe neighborhood and interact or walk with people. But if I am surrounded by commandos, it gently reminds us that the public order situation in my neighborhood is not good. I want to reach a situation in the next 2-3 years where ideally no one wants a PSO in Assam. Make sure that no criminal, insurgent can enter your district who may pose a threat to the VIP or anyone, do not give PSO, try to neutralize the threat, this should be the new order of the police of Assam, ”said Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Himanta Biswa Sarma also said that over the past eight months, Assam police have done their utmost and the entire force has been dedicated to protecting the country’s sovereignty over the past two decades.

“Many police officers have given their lives in the event of an insurgent movement that is sponsored from outside the country or from within. The tribal insurgency in Assam is now over. In the last eight months we have seen all the tribal groups come forward for negotiations, they have laid down their arms and simultaneously we have started their rehabilitation program for them as well. All of these things have happened with strong support from civil society. We still have some hurdles and hurdles to overcome, but now is the time for the police in Assam to prepare for a new order in which we must fight militancy but we must also respond to organized crime and we must also stand alongside the people. We need an active police force through intelligence, surveillance. Grant general protection to people, ”Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

He also said their approach should be zero tolerance for criminals and economic delinquents.

“We cannot be friends with people who are trying to destabilize our economy and those who are trying to destroy our youth. I’m glad the police are trying to adjust to their new role. I said trying on purpose because my expectations are high. We are lagging behind in the quality investigation. If we focus on maintaining law and order, it is one pillar and another pillar is to demolish and destroy organized crime, unions, ”said the Chief Minister of Assam.

He added that successful prosecution is the key to the success of a police force.

“In the age of technology, we cannot survive on the old ways. A technology-driven police force is very important in preventing crime. Modernization does not mean new weapons and new vehicles. It means technology. The Assam police must learn how technology can be used optimally, ”Himanta Biswa Sarma said.

The Assam CM ordered DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta to complete the process of recruiting Assam police by May 10.


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