Opposition Congress Party to contest four seats, leave one seat to regional parties

The opposition Congress party will contest four seats and leave one seat to the regional parties Assam Jatiya Parishad (AJP) and Raijor Dal in the secondary ballots.

Five seats will be allocated at the polls on October 30. Former leader Sarbananda Sonowal resigned from his post as MP for Majuli after being elected in Haut-Assam. With that total vacant seats in Assam is six.

Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) chairman Bhupen Kumar Borah said Congress discussed the by-elections. “Congress will contest four seats and leave one seat each for AJP and Raijor Dal.”

He added: “We have sent the proposal to ACEC and ACEC will announce its decision on Saturday. ”

In Assembly polls in March-April this year, Congress tinkered with 10 parties, the Grand Alliance. However, after the elections, the Bodoland Popular Front (BPF) decided to distance itself from Congress and Congress severed its ties with the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF).

Side ballots in Gossaigaon, Tamulpur, Bhapanipur, Mariani and Thowra will take place on October 30. The AJP and Raijor Dal have made repeated proposals to Congress to jointly fight the byes ballots.

Borah said: “We called on left-wing parties including CPI, CPI (M) to support us in the polls.”

In assembly polls, left-wing parties were part of the Grand Alliance.

Explain the reasons

The Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) issued a notice of justification to the provincial deputy, Sherman Ali Ahmed.

The notice read: “It has been observed by the AICC and the APCC that despite your leadership position as a Congress Party deputy, you have repeatedly made statements in the media and in the media. public forums against party policies and community issues with a great propensity to destroy the social harmony of our state. As a lawmaker, your provocative community comments in the media gnawing at the old wounds of past incidents of the Assam turmoil when the people of Assam across the communities suffered are utterly callous and unwarranted. The APCC regards your comments as politically motivated with the intention of causing damage to the Congress party just before the by-elections ”.

The notice added: “Before, on two occasions, you had made provocative statements in common and you went against party discipline. Despite warnings from the party leadership, you again made provocative comments about the incidents of Assam unrest on September 29, 2021 and September 30, 2021 in front of media that also went viral on social media platforms, which is not acceptable for the Congress party and for APCC. such comments will further feed into the BJP’s joint division agenda in Assam. There are also many allegations within the party and even apart from the fact that you are acting as an agent of the BJP while being part of the Congress party and that due to your closeness to CM Himanta Biswa Sarma you are sponsored. to make such comments to cause damage to Congress especially during an election period. President, the APCC demands an explanation from you for your actions and also why disciplinary measures should not be taken against you for having made collectively provocative statements with the intention of disturbing social harmony before the by-elections ”.

The notice added: “The president is therefore issuing you a notice of justification for violating party discipline for deliberately acting in a manner calculated to lower the prestige of Congress.” You are therefore invited to send your response within three days of receiving this letter to the President of the APCC ”.

After the expulsion campaign in Gorukhuti last week, Ahmed reportedly disrespected the martyrs of Assam’s unrest. He described the eight people killed in 1983 in Gorukhuti as killers.

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