Opponents still love the Wrigley atmosphere


The Cubs have struggled to score points lately no matter where they play. Meanwhile, the Phillies and Marlins have moved to their home at Wrigley Field, each posting a pair of double-digit games.

It’s just the continuation of a long story – opposing players are still eagerly awaiting a visit to Wrigley. Cubs manager David Ross has said he certainly did when he played for the Dodgers, Pirates, Braves, Reds and Padres early in his major league career.

“If I think back to my gaming days, it was always my favorite place to play, just because it’s a great city where you have a lot of games during the day, you can go to great dinners,” Ross said. . “It’s a great city to walk around and you can play in front of a packed house. When you fuck, there are people in the stands. There are so many positives in this place as an opposing player as well as n ‘any place you’re ever going to go. “

And it seems Wrigley Field has always had a reputation as a great place to strike, right?

“I think anyone you ask who plays baseball, the summer and the wind blowing in Wrigley, you really want those batsmen,” Ross said. “Our own guys want them.”

Phillies first baseman Brad Miller hit 3 home runs Thursday and has 5 career homers in 10 starts at Wrigley Field.

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