No rocket, no scream. 10 out of 10 for Elon Musk’s Space Junkie Jeff Bezos


Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have been feuding publicly for years.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have been feuding publicly for years, but the Tesla boss recently praised the Amazon boss. Mr. Musk and Mr. Bezos, although they are not rivals in any land-based endeavor, have similar space ambitions – the former is the founder of SpaceX, while the latter launched Blue Origin in 2000. The two billionaires, who have tried to launch long-range rockets, clashed over launch pad rental opportunities, landing pad patents and more in the past.

But on Friday, when author Eric Berger tweeted to thank Jeff Bezos, the SpaceX CEO was quick to agree with him. Mr Berger said in his tweet that while it would be easy to blame the CEO of Amazon for being late with his rocket engines or not reaching orbit in 20 years, he would still get a perfect score. for his knowledge and appreciation of the history of space.

As easy as it is to dunk Jeff Bezos for not reaching orbit for 20 years or being late with his rocket engines, he gets an A + for his knowledge and appreciation of the history of the space, “M. wrote. To this, Mr. Musk responded with one word:” True. “

Meanwhile, that wasn’t the only time Elon Musk responded to a tweet mentioning Jeff Bezos – he also got a hilarious response to a tweet pitting him against the CEO of Amazon. A Twitter user on Friday used a popular meme to sum up this space race and the meme even included Richard Branson, who is planning a Virgin Galactic space trip ahead of Mr. Bezos’ planned launch on July 20.

The Godzilla vs Kong meme shows Godzilla – tagged as Jeff Bezos – and King Kong – tagged as Richard Branson – roaring against each other. The next part of the meme, however, shows the two monsters thwarted by the humble Doge. The photo shows a club-wielding Doge – labeled Elon Musk – chasing down King Kong and Godzilla.

In response to the meme, Mr. Musk wrote, “But can I pay in Doge?”

His response refers to his favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, which today has its own fan base thanks in large part to Mr. Musk’s constant tweets. Mr. Musk’s tweets about digital currency, which started out as a joke, have dramatically increased its value.

Over the past few years, Blue Origin and SpaceX have repeatedly clashed over different issues, while Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have occasionally opposed their rockets and their various space exploration plans.

But in 2004, when SpaceX and Blue Origin were still in their infancy companies, Mr. Bezos and Mr. Musk met for one of their few in-person interactions.

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