New hitmaker makes his mark with ‘Paraluman’


It’s Adie!

ADIE is a singer-songwriter familiar with the small and important nuances of music and its purpose as an art form and a tool of expression. All of this enables her to create heartfelt songs that draw listeners and capture their hearts with stories so compelling they come back for more.

Originally from Biñan, Laguna, Adie is a new first year student, who has just graduated from high school at the University of Perpetual Help-Laguna. His passion for music first appeared when he landed third place in his school’s singing competition. Citing Moira Dela Torre and Shawn Mendez as his main influences, Adie nevertheless tells Music Geek that he has other interests as well. In addition to enjoying playing basketball, he particularly enjoys drawing and also seems to have an interest in the visual arts.

His true career in music, meanwhile, began when he gathered a large following on social media after posting viral covers of his favorite songs. He then got his first major hit in songwriting when he submitted an original entry for Callalily’s “Open Collab” competition, a songwriting competition that would give the winner the opportunity to write a song. in collaboration with the group.

Although Adie didn’t win the top spot, he still made it to the Top 10, and before he knew it, Callalily frontman Kean Cipriano spotted his potential and offered him a contract for a job. ‘recording and management with his label, OC Records.

Soon after, in 2020, he released his heartbreaking debut of a single “Luha,” which now has over 600,000 streams on Spotify.

“Paraluman” is his exceptional follow-up that immediately went viral with 4 million streams on the same music platform. He’s currently featured on multiple Spotify playlists including Hot Hits Philippines, Top 50 Global, Top 50 Philippines, OPM Rising, and Trending Tracks, while enjoying weeks at the top of the streamer’s Viral 50 in the Philippines.



Paraluman’s music video is also a certified hit. Starring Ivana Alawi as Paraluman, and written and directed by Bela Padilla, it amassed 1.8 million views on YouTube in the space of just one week.

Now all of those dizzying numbers mean just one thing: Adie is definitely ready to conquer the waves and capture more and more hearts from now on with her captivating songs.


SB19 and Ben & Ben, two of the biggest Filipino bands, make history again with a re-recording of Sony Music’s first single “MAPA”.

In a year marked by self-imposed isolation and forced withdrawal from the outside world, the inspirational ballad is filled with positive light as it honors every loving and hardworking parent who made the journey of our lives bearable and filled with lessons. important.

Filled with jazzy and orchestral detail, inviting harmonies and expansive arrangements, the new take on MAPA frames its extraordinary parental love hymn with a commitment to emotional sincerity and nuanced storytelling. SB19 was kind enough to give Ben & Ben (whose debut album “Limasawa Street” is now triple platinum certified) permission to revamp the material, ensuring it stays true to the creative vision of the two groups, in collaboration and individually.

According to Ben & Ben, “We were 100% involved in the process. They gave us the freedom to arrange the song, only giving additional feedback to help improve parts of it. SB19’s Pablo and Pat were coordinating directly and constantly giving updates, the suggestions he gave have helped us a lot in the last few recording sessions. “

    Ben and Ben

Ben and Ben

The instrumentation takes a huge artistic leap in updating the original with layers of sonic ambition and introspection, and as a result, reconstructing the sound from scratch while creating magic that transcends the material.

“We want people to have a different vibe about the song,” Pablo said in turn. “The original version is smoother, while this version gives it a rich, well-balanced and joyful feeling, put together in a way that listeners feel more elated when they hear the song.”

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