New Games From Former Dragon Age Developer Sonic Mania Team Revealed By Private Division

Take-Two Interactive’s independent publishing label Private Division announced new deals Wednesday with four studios, Die Gute Fabrik, Evening Star, Piccolo Studio and Yellow Brick Games. The announcement means new games from the teams behind Sega Sonic Mania and AAA franchises like Dragon Age, Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six will be coming out of Private Division in the next few years.

The first of these games, which is still unannounced, is expected to arrive sometime after April 1, 2023, the start of Take-Two’s 2024 fiscal year.

Die Gute Fabrik is known for its local multiplayer games sports friends and Johann Sebastian Joustand for the winner of the IGF and Indiecade 2019 award Mutation, the mutant soap opera we’ve called one of the best-written games of the year. Hannah Nicklin, studio head and creative director of Die Gute Fabrik, described the studio’s next game as a scripted adventure.

Evening Star was founded in 2018 by the developers behind Sonic Mania and Sonic Mania Plus – Christian Whitehead, Dave Padilla, Tom Fry, Hunter Bridges and Brad Flick – and will see the team expand their horizons in a new 3D action platformer. Evening Star builds its unannounced game in the studio’s proprietary Star Engine.

Piccolo Studio is the developer of Arise: A Simple Story, a 3D narrative adventure with intriguing time manipulation puzzles. The studio is developing a “unique new IP,” Private Division said in a press release.

Yellow Brick Games, founded in 2020 by former Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw, with Ubisoft veterans Thomas Giroux (The crew), Jeff Skalski and Frederic St.-Laurent B. (both Assassin’s Creed Syndicate), is developing “an ambitious new action-RPG” for Private Division. Laidlaw said in a press release that his studio’s partnership with the label allows him to take “risks that might not be possible in AAA game development.”

Private Division was established in 2017 and has since published Panache Digital Games’ Ancestors: Humankind’s OdysseyObsidian Entertainment The Outer WorldsV1 Interactive (now closed) Disintegrationand OlliOlli World. In 2020, Private Division announced game publishing deals with Moon Studios, League of Geeks and Roll7 – the latter of which Private Division acquired in November.

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